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Use May in a Sentence |100 Sentences Using May

Use May in a Sentence |100 Sentences Using May
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Learn Example Sentences of may that can help you use may in a sentence properly.

Positive Sentences

  1. You may come.
  2. You may go.
  3. You may visit the office.
  4. He may ask any question.
  5. He may go to the hospital.
  6. It may rain today.
  7. This roof may fall.
  8. He may follow me.
  9. You may do as you like.
  10. It may cost you heavily.
  11. You may feel proud of your kids.
  12. It may take a few hours to get there.
  13. You may speak with me.
  14. You may come tomorrow.
  15. You may call the doctor.
  16. You may consider me as your sister.
  17. You may take this pen.
  18. You may visit me very often.
  19. He may examine his activities.
  20. You may be right.
  21. She may join us.
  22. You may take this duty.
  23. You may take this risk.
  24. I may handle this situation.
  25. We may take part in the competition.
  26. You may be wrong.
  27. He may have been mistaken.
  28. I may need your help.
  29. You may close your eyes.
  30. May you live long.
  31. You pass the exam.
  32. You may expect more.
  33. You may consider me in.
  34. I may swim.
Use May in Positive Sentences |100 Sentences Using May

Use May in Positive Sentences |100 Sentences Using May


Negative Sentences

  1. You may not see me soon.
  2. You may not jump off the tree.
  3. He may not lift this weight.
  4. You may not join this job.
  5. We may not disturb them.
  6. We may not wait for a long time.
  7. I may not eat this food.
  8. I may not come to the class.
  9. She may not insist on you.
  10. She may not deceive you.
  11. Humans may not live without each other.
  12. You may not meet me in the class.
  13. I may not use the mobile during the lecture.
  14. You may not touch this screen.
  15. You may not leave now.
  16. We may not stay at our friend’s house.
  17. She may not think you are ill.
  18. Music may not be an alternative to activities.
  19. He may not have time to come.
  20. You may not do this.
  21. You may not suspend him.
  22. We may not train the dog.
  23. We may not cancel the exam on the spot.
  24. It may not happen swiftly.
  25. This watch may not be durable.
  26. These resources may not be enough.
  27. You may not survive without money.
  28. We may not help each other.
  29. He may not escape prison.
  30. He may not catch the birds.
  31. You may not participate in swimming.
  32. She may not fire you.
  33. You may not be disappointed.
Use May in Negative Sentences |100 Sentences Using May

Use May in Negative Sentences |100 Sentences Using May


Interrogative Sentences

  1. May I come in?
  2. May I ask you something?
  3. May I leave?
  4. May I sit?
  5. May we go?
  6. May she visit you?
  7. May I talk to her?
  8. May we discuss our issues with you?
  9. May I see your hospital?
  10. May I cook the food?
  11. May I have a cup of tea?
  12. May I follow you?
  13. May I drop you off?
  14. May I get a scholarship?
  15. May she pass the exam?
  16. May we survive there?
  17. May he come back to Pakistan?
  18. May the government change the rules?
  19. May I come again?
  20. May I have your pen?
  21. May I borrow some money?
  22. May I see your paper?
  23. May I have your resume?
  24. May I know something about you?
  25. May I write something on this paper?
  26. May we research this topic?
  27. May we give the presentation tomorrow?
  28. May he take some medicine?
  29. May she take off?
  30. May I ask for a discount?
  31. May I give you a surprise?
  32. May I go there without you?
  33. May I took off my shoes here?
Use May in interrogative Sentences |100 Sentences Using May

Use May in interrogative Sentences |100 Sentences Using May


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