85 Basic English Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meanings

85 Basic English Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meanings
Written by Muhammad Waqas

Basic English Vocabulary in Urdu for Speaking Practice For Beginners to learn English in daily life. These vocabulary words will help speak fluent English. This lesson is going to help you learn the most common English words that are used in our daily English Conversations. Learning the English language can be easier if you have sufficient English words to express your feelings in everyday life. It can be only possible when you have enough English vocabulary to use in conversations. vocabulary is the only source to expand your language learning. Through, these English words you will be able to speak better English. if you want to revise these words, later on, get a PDF of this lesson grom link below.

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85 Basic English Vocabulary Words in Urdu

  • Mop – پوچا مارنا
    Kindly, mop the floor.
  • Uneasy –  بےچینی
    She felt uneasy about her test result.
  • Comparatively –  دوسرے کے مقابلے میں
    This shoe is comparatively better than that.
  • Reasonable –  معقول،مناسب
    He charges very reasonable prices.
  • Dominate –  غالب آنا
    He tries to dominate me.
  • Sweep – جھاڑو مارنا
    The maid sweeps the room.
  • Reliable-قا بل بھروسہ
    You are not a reliable person.
  • Buttering-چاپلوسی
    Please, stop buttering me.
  • Guilty-مجرم
    He is  guilty of a murder.
  • Well-mannered-خوش اخلاق
    He seems to be well-mannered person.
  • Inevitable-ناگزیر، اٹل
    Death is inevitable
  • Evident-واضح
    Give evident proof.
  • Convenient-آسان
    The journey was very convenient.
  •   Vice-versa-اور اس کے برعکس
    She doesn’t like him and vice-versa.
  • Durable-لچکدار، مضبوط
    This shoe is very durable.
  • Wisdom-عقلمندی
    She has so much wisdom.
  • Superior-برتر، اعلی
    The phone is clearly superior.
  • Well-being-خوشحالی، بہتری
    He works for the well-being of society.
  • Temper-غصہ
    You should control your temper.
  • Short-tempered-چڑاچڑا
    Ali is a short-tempered man.
  • Outspoken-منہ پھٹ، صاف گو
    She is very outspoken.
  • Reconcile-صلح کر لینا
    Asim and Narmin were reconciled.
  • Conventional-روایتی
    He is very conventional in his views.
  • Liberal-آزاد خیال
    My teachers are very liberal.
  • Nourish-پرورش کرنا
    She nourished the baby for one year.
  • Retrieve-دوباره حاصل کرنا
    She went back to retrieve the ball from the garden.
  • Liability-ذمه داری
    It’s her liability.
  • Requisite-لازمی، ضروری
    CNIC is requisite for foreign travel.
  • Rift-جھگڑا، علیحدگی
    The marriage caused a rift between the two brothers.
  • Stamina-قوت برداشت
    It takes stamina to run a marathon.
  • Prediction-پیشن گوئی
    My predictions are often right.
  • Admire-تعریف کرنا
    i admire your passion to learn English.
  • dedication-شوق-لگن
    His dedication to the job is appreciable.
  • Serious-سنجیدہ
    Why are you so serious?
  • Why not-کیوں نہیں
    Why not stay here to enjoy the sight.
  • Particular-خاص
    Anything particular to discuss with me?
  • Guide-رہنمائی کرنا
    She guided him to travel to Lahore.
  • Misguide-. گمراہ کرنا
    Please, do not misguide۔
  • Provoke-غصہ، بھڑکانہ
    Stop provoking your close friend.
  • Vulnerable-کمزور
    She was in a vulnerable situation۔
  • Optimist-اُمید پرست
    He is an optimist person۔
  • Pessimist-مایوس شخص
    Never be a pessimist.
  • Majority-اکثریت
    The majority of the people are wise.
  •  Although-اگرچہ
    Although I am poor I am generous۔
  • Polite-شائستہ، خوش اخلاق
    She is a very polite intelligent girl.
  • Proper-مناسب، ٹھیک
    She needs proper treatment.
85 Daily Use English Words For Beginners in Urdu

85 Daily Use English Words For Beginners in Urdu


  • Cautiously-احتیاطسے
    He drives the car cautiously.
  • Offend-ناراض کرنا
    She always offends me.
  • Calm down-پرسکون ہوجاؤ
    Calm down, he will return your amount.
  • Hesitate-ہچکچانا،
    Please, do not hesitate to speak.
  • Deny-انکار کرنا
    They denied the allegations.
  • Expect-توقع کرنا
    I expect you to leave the job.
  • Wish-خواہش
    I wish you the very best of luck.
  • Dull-سست، کم عقل
    He is a very dull student۔
  • Let-کرنے دینا
    Let me talk to him.
  • Give up-چھوڑدینا
    Never give up on your life.
  • Apologize-معافی مانگنا
    She apologized for mistreating.
  • Forgive-معاف کرنا
    Please, forgive me.
  • Deceive-دھوکا دینا
    The thief deceived the police.
  • Still-ابھی تک
    I’m still waiting for him.
  • Somehow-کسی نہ کسی طرح
    Somehow, I will manage.
  • Anyhow-تاہم
    Anyhow, I have to go there.
  • Laziness-سستی
    she failed the exams due to her laziness.
  • Annoy-تنگ کرنا
    Please, stop annoying him.
  • Just-ابھی ابھی، صرف
    She has just come back۔
  • Accuse-الزام لگانا
    She accused him of murder.
  • Due to-کی وجہ سے
    Due to ail, I could not clear my test.
  • Spoil-خراب کرنا
    He spoiled the mood.
  • Tolerate-برداشت کرنا
    I can not tolerate it anymore.
  • Skip-ترک کرنا، چھوڑ دینا
    She skipped English subjects this year.
  • Delicate-نازک
    This matter is very delicate.
  • Well-wisher-خیر خواہ
    Few people are your well-wisher here.
  • Influence-طاقت، اثر
    The PM has a  great influence over the country’s decisions.
  • Obtain-حاصل کرنا
    She obtained good marks on the test.
  • Impressive-متائثر کن
    I did an impressive job today.
  • Affection-پیار
    The baby needs affection from the mother.
  • Bitter-کڑوا
    Truth is always bitter.
  • Shameless-بےحیا
    He is a shameless person.
  • Extent-حد، گنجائش
    She was amazed at the extent of his knowledge.
  • Artificial-جعلی، بناوٹی
    This is an artificial flower.
  • Approximate-اندازہ لگانا
    The train’s approximate time of arrival is 10.30.
  • Civilized-مہذب، خوش اخلاق
    His father is a civilized man.
  • Right there-وہیں، اُدھر
    You can find the café right there.
  • Proficient-ماہر، ہنر مند
    This teacher is very proficient.
  • 85 Daily Use English Words For Beginners in Urdu

    85 Daily Use English Words For Beginners in Urdu

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