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Indefinite Pronouns: Definition and Examples

Indefinite Pronouns: Definition and Examples
Written by Kashish Zahra

Indefinite Pronouns:

Indefinite pronouns are words that do not refer just to a specific person, thing, or amount. It can also be used to refer to non-specific persons, things, or amounts.

  • Something strange is happening here.
  • Everyone wants to be happy.
  • Anybody can join the club.
  • Nothing is more precious than time.
  • Someone is knocking at the door.

Indefinite Pronouns: Definition and Examples

Usage of Indefinite Pronouns:

1.  We use indefinite pronoun to refer to a non-specific person or thing.

  • Someone is knocking at the door.
  • I need to buy something for dinner.
  • We’re going somewhere warm for vacation.
  • Can someone help me with this?

2. We can also use them to make a general statement.

  • Anything is possible with hard work.
  • Anywhere you go, you’ll find friendly people.
  • Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes.

3. Indefinite pronoun used to indicate an unknown or unspecified quantity:

    • I have a lot of work to do today.
    • We have many options to choose from.
    • Few people understand the concept.
    • All are welcome to attend.
Remember that some indefinite pronoun can also be used in formal or informal writing, while others are more suitable for casual conversation.

List of Indefinite Pronouns:

Indefinite pronouns can be singular and plural. 

Singular indefinite pronoun:

  • someone
  • somebody
  • something
  • someone or other
  • one
  • another
  • anything
  • nothing
  • nobody
  • no one

Plural Indefinite Pronoun:

  • some
  • any
  • all (can be singular or plural)
  • both
  • many
  • few (used with plural nouns)
  • others
  • several

Indefinite Pronoun Examples:

  • Someone left their phone on the table.
  • I’m looking for anything to eat for breakfast.
  • Nobody was available to help me move.
  • All of the students passed the exam.
  • Much of the work was already done.
  • Anyone can enter the contest.
  • Something smells delicious in the kitchen.

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