Category - English Grammar

Just like all other languages, English grammar is the basis of learning English. No, doubt you can learn any language without learning grammar rules, but this is a very slow process. If you want to learn English smoothly and easily, you must know the rules to learn English, and this is what we call English grammar.

We have compiled different grammar rules to learn English in our English grammar category. You can learn the rules for tense, thousands of vocabulary words, singular, plural, synonyms and antonyms, use of articles, parts of speech, nouns, pronouns and many more. You can also find different “how to use” types of grammar rules.

You’ll find here all the basic classes’ grammar rules, and it’s very good for school-going children, their parents and teachers. This category will act as an online school-level English grammar tutor for you. It will help the students to clear their basic concepts, pass their English exams and prepare their homework without the help of any other person.

If you need help learning types of sentences, the use of since and for, conjunctions and interjections, we are here to help you. You can also find a big list of collective nouns and different prepositions. If you are confused about using yet, still, model verbs, is, are, am, was, were, this, that, these, and those, all this will never be confusing for you if you learn it from our website.

Don’t forget to consult this category if you are in any phase of learning English grammar. It will help you to boost your speaking and writing English skills. For learning any grammar rules, visit this category.

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