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50 Complex Sentences Examples in English

50 Complex Sentences Examples in English
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What is a Complex Sentence?

A complex sentence is a type of sentence structure that consists of an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses. The independent clause can stand alone as a complete sentence, conveying a complete thought, while the dependent clause cannot function independently and relies on the independent clause for its meaning. The dependent clause often begins with a subordinating conjunction, such as “although,” “because,” “while,” or “since,” which establishes the relationship between the dependent clause and the independent clause.

Sentences for Complex Sentences

  1. Although it was raining, we decided to go for a walk.
  2. I will study hard so that I can pass the exam.
  3. The dog barked loudly when the doorbell rang.
  4. She loves to swim, but she’s afraid of deep water.
  5. After finishing dinner, I went for a jog.
  6. The car skidded on the wet road because the tires were bald.
  7. I couldn’t find my keys because I misplaced them.
  8. He works diligently because he wants to succeed.
  9. Despite feeling tired, she continued working on her project.
  10. We went to the beach, and afterward, we had a picnic.
  11. The baby cried until his mother picked him up.
  12. She wore a sweater since it was cold outside.
  13. I have to leave early since I have an appointment.
  14. After the rain stopped, a rainbow appeared in the sky.
  15. They decided to go hiking, but it started to rain heavily.
  16. She loves chocolate, whereas her sister prefers vanilla.
  17. I will call you later so that we can discuss the details.
  18. Although he was tired, he stayed up late to finish his work.
  19. The students were quiet as the teacher entered the room.
  20. She saved money until she had enough to buy a new car.
  21. After finishing the book, I wrote a review.
  22. I’ll go to the store and buy some groceries if you give me a list.
  23. Despite feeling nervous, she delivered a fantastic presentation.
  24. We decided to stay home since the weather was terrible.
  25. He studied hard, so he was able to pass the test.
    50 Complex Sentences Examples in English

    50 Complex Sentences Examples in English


  26. She worked two jobs in order to pay her bills.
  27. I went to the store, but they were already closed.
  28. Despite the traffic, we arrived at the concert on time.
  29. The dog barks when someone knocks on the door.
  30. After dinner, we went to see a movie at the cinema.
  31. She couldn’t sleep because her neighbors were being loud.
  32. I will finish my homework before I go to bed.
  33. Although it was late, she decided to call her friend.
  34. The cat ran away when the door accidentally opened.
  35. I will make dinner, while you set the table.
  36. She went to the gym, but she forgot her workout clothes.
  37. Despite feeling unwell, he managed to finish the race.
  38. After the show ended, we went backstage to meet the actors.
  39. I’m going to the library so that I can study in peace.
  40. He loves to play soccer, although he’s not very good at it.
  41. She was sad because her best friend moved away.
  42. We went to the park, and afterward, we had a picnic.
  43. The students listened attentively while the teacher explained the lesson.
  44. Despite the rain, the children still played outside.
  45. After finishing her meal, she paid the bill and left.
  46. He works hard because he wants to achieve his goals.
  47. I couldn’t go to the party because I had to work late.
  48. Despite feeling tired, she kept practicing the piano.
  49. The dog barked when the mailman approached the house.
  50. After the storm passed, we went outside to assess the damage.
    50 Complex Sentences Examples in English

    50 Complex Sentences Examples in English

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