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Conjunction Definition and All Types with Examples

Conjunction Definition and All Types with Examples
Conjunction Definition and All Types with Examples

Learn conjunction of all types with examples  so that it can be made clear how conjunction is used and the basic aim of conjunction is to connect different clauses and sentences using some particular words/

Conjunctions are word/words that help connect phrases, clauses, and other words.

Conjunctions help connect short sentences with complex sentences. With conjunctions, it’s possible to convey short ideas in a complex sentence. Like if someone tells you, I like playing. I like reading. I don’t like eating. This sense of sentences doesn’t seem good, but if you rewrite these three sentences with the help of conjunctions, it will sound good. I like playing and reading but not eating. 

To use conjunctions, you must know how to connect two sentences or clauses in a parallel way. This means that the sentence structure should be similar.

Types of conjunctions

There are three main types of conjunctions.

1-Correlative conjunctions

Correlative conjunctions exist in pairs, and it’s impossible to complete sentences without using these two conjunctions within a single sentence.

The most common co-relative conjunctions are not only-but also, either-or and neither-nor.


She is not only a good speaker but also a good listener.

Coordinating conjunctions

Coordinating conjunctions are used to connect phrases or clauses of similar rank. These conjunctions are for, yet, so, nor, but, or. You can remember them by using the word FANBOYS.


I like tea and not coffee.

Subordinate conjunctions

These conjunctions combine an independent clause with a dependent clause. It represents a contrast, cause-effect relationship, and different other relationships.

Some of the subordinate conjunctions are since, as, because, though, while, although, whereas, etc.


Although I am not a good listener, I’ll try to listen to whatever you say.

Some adverbs can also act as conjunctions, like after, until, before, etc.


I’ll wait for you until you reach home.

There are four types of conjunctions based on what they are combining.

1-Conjunctions joining words

Join words together


I have a paper and pencil

2-Conjunctions Joining clauses

Join two clauses


I am writing this letter, but I don’t know what to write.

3-Conjunctions joining phrases

Join two phrases


You can visit me in the laboratory or the library.

4-Conjunctions joining sentences

Join two sentences


I was eating while I was driving.

Conjunction Definition and All Types with Examples

Conjunction Definition and All Types with Examples

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