100 List of Opposite Adjectives in English

100 List of Opposite Adjectives in English
Written by Muhammad Waqas

Learn 100 List of Opposite Adjectives in English. Common opposite Adjectives are used to describe contrasting objects and people. They help a lot to improve English speaking. using opposite adjectives only means talking about people or objects that have both kinds of factors.

Common Opposite Adjectives

Adjectives Opposites
alive dead
beautiful ugly
big small
bitter sweet
cheap expensive
clean dirty
curly straight
difficult easy
good bad
early Late
fat thin
full empty
hot cold
happy sad/unhappy
hardworking lazy
modern traditional
new old
nice nasty
intelligent stupid
interesting boring
light heavy
polite rude/impolite
poor rich
quiet noisy
right wrong
safe Dangerous
short long
small big
soft hard
single married
true false
well ill/unwell
white black
Light Short
Heavy Tall
Beautiful Insane
Ugly Sane
Big Dark
Small light
Thick Straight
Thin Crooked
Strong Deep
Weak Shallow
Loose Brave
Tight Cowardly
Straight Distant
Curly Near
Slow Lazy
Fast Hard-working
Poor Cheap
Wealthy Expensive
Healthy Delicious
Sick Awful
Low Talkative
High Taciturn
Thin Modern
Fat Ancient
Bad Wide
Good Narrow
Careful Patient
Careless Impatient

Opposite Adjectives with Examples

  • Big – Small

Example: The elephant is big, while the mouse is small.

  • Hot – Cold

Example: The coffee is hot, but the ice cream is cold.

  • Fast – Slow

Example: The sports car is fast, whereas the tortoise is slow.

  • High – Low

Example: The plane flies high in the sky, but the submarine dives low into the ocean.

  • Happy – Sad

Example: She was happy when she received the gift, but she became sad when she lost it.

  • Good – Bad

Example: Eating vegetables is good for your health, but eating junk food is bad.

  • Rich – Poor

Example: The millionaire is rich, but the homeless person is poor.

  • Strong – Weak

Example: He is strong and can lift heavy weights, while she is weak and struggles with lifting.

  • Tall – Short

Example: The basketball player is tall, but the jockey is short.

  • Young – Old

Example: The baby is young, and the grandparent is old.

  • Clean – Dirty

Example: The kitchen is clean after being scrubbed, but the muddy boots are dirty.

  • Beautiful – Ugly

Example: The sunset over the ocean is beautiful, but the abandoned building is ugly.

  • Smart – Stupid

Example: He is smart and solves complex math problems easily, but she feels stupid when it comes to math.

  • Brave – Cowardly

Example: The firefighter is brave and rushes into burning buildings, but the cowardly cat hides from loud noises.

  • Kind – Mean

Example: She is kind and always helps others, while he can be mean and hurtful with his words.

  • Near – Far

Example: The store is near our house, but the amusement park is far away.

  • Thin – Thick

Example: The paper is thin, but the book is thick.

  • Quiet – Loud

Example: The library is quiet, while the rock concert is loud.

  • Clean – Messy

Example: Her room is clean and organized, but his room is always messy.

  • Light – Dark

Example: The room is light when the sun is shining, but it becomes dark at night.

  • Thin – Fat

Example: She is thin, while her brother is a bit fat.

  • Innocent – Guilty

Example: The suspect claimed to be innocent, but the evidence made him look guilty.

  • Generous – Stingy

Example: She is generous and often donates to charity, while he is known for being stingy with his money.

  • Calm – Nervous

Example: She remained calm during the presentation, but he was nervous and stuttered.

  • Empty – Full

Example: The glass is empty, but I can fill it with water.

  • Easy – Difficult

Example: The simple puzzle is easy to solve, but the complex one is difficult.

  • Beautiful – Ugly

Example: The flowers in the garden are beautiful, but the weeds are ugly.

  • Shallow – Deep

Example: The pond is shallow near the edge but gets deeper in the center.

  • Clean – Filthy

Example: The bathroom is clean after being cleaned, but the neglected restroom is filthy.

  • Honest – Dishonest

Example: She is honest and always tells the truth, while he is known for being dishonest and telling lies.

  • Brilliant – Dull

Example: The diamond is brilliant and sparkles in the light, but the rock is dull and uninteresting.

  • Short – Long

Example: The road trip will be short, but the marathon will be long.

  • Sweet – Sour

Example: The candy is sweet, but the lemon is sour.

  • Near – Distant

Example: The park is near, but the mountains are distant.

  • Hard – Soft

Example: The rock is hard, but the pillow is soft.

  • Empty – Crowded

Example: The beach is empty in the morning, but it becomes crowded in the afternoon.

  • Healthy – Sick

Example: She is healthy and rarely gets sick, but he is often sick with the flu.

  • Clever – Clumsy

Example: She is clever and can solve puzzles easily, but he is clumsy and often drops things.

  • Straight – Crooked

Example: The road is straight, but the tree’s trunk is crooked.

  • Young – Old

Example: The kitten is young, while the cat is old.

100 List of Opposite Adjectives in English

100 List of Opposite Adjectives in English


100 List of Opposite Adjectives in English

100 List of Opposite Adjectives in English

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