List of Opposite Words with Urdu Meanings

List of Opposite Words with Urdu Meanings
Written by Muhammad Waqas

Learn a list of opposite words with Urdu meaning for English Speaking Practice. This lesson helps us learn common opposite words that are used in English conversation. in daily life, sometimes we wish to create a comparison between two different objects or humans. For this purpose, we should have maximum English words that we can use to describe the contrary objects. Learn these common English words that will surely help you better describe the contradiction. in our daily life, it is a common practice of many English learners to do such activities. you can better describe those contrary or opposite objects by learning these basic English words, which will improve your English but also your vocabulary. For learning ng them better, you can also get a pdf of this useful lesson from the link below.

List of Opposite Words in Urdu

Light ہلکا
Heavy بھاری
Beautiful خوبصورت
Ugly بد صورت
Big بڑا
Small چھوٹا
Thick موٹا
Thin پتلی
Strong مضبوط
Weak کمزور
Loose ڈھیلا
Tight سخت
Straight سیدھا
Curly گھنگرالا
Slow آہستہ
Fast تیز
Poor ‏غریب
Wealthy دولت مند
Healthy صحت مند
Sick بیمار
Low کم
High اونچا
Thin پتلی
Fat موٹا
Bad برا
Good اچھا
Short چھوٹا
Tall لمبا
Insane پاگل
Sane سمجھدار
Dark تاریک
light روشن
Straight سیدھا
Crooked ٹیڑھا
Deep گہرا
Shallow سطعی
Brave بہادر
Cowardly بزدل
Distant دور
Near نزدیک
Lazy سست
Hard-working محنتی
Cheap سستا
Expensive مہنگا
Delicious مزیدار
Awful ناگوار
Talkative باتونی
Taciturn چکرا
Modern جدید
Ancient قدیم
Wide وسیع
Narrow تنگ
Careful محتاط
Careless لا پرواہ
Patient صبروالا
Impatient بے صبرا
Pessimistic مایوس
Optimistic پر امید
Friendly دوستانہ
Unfriendly غیر دوستانہ
Tidy صاف ستھرا
Messy گندا
List of Opposite Words with Urdu Meanings

List of Opposite Words with Urdu Meanings

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