Collectives Nouns List in English with Examples

Collectives Nouns List in English with Examples
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What is a collective Noun?

A collective noun is a word used to describe a group of people, animals, or things. It represents a singular entity made up of multiple individuals or elements. Collective nouns are used to simplify language and avoid repetition. Examples of collective nouns include “team,” “herd,” “flock,” “family,” “bunch,” “committee,” and “pack.” These nouns are singular in form but refer to a collection or group of individuals or objects. For instance, “a herd of cows,” “a flock of birds,” or “a team of players.” Collective nouns can vary depending on the context and the specific group being referred to.

importance of learning Collective Nouns

Learning collective nouns is crucial for effective communication and language proficiency. By understanding and using collective nouns with examples correctly, individuals can convey information with clarity, avoiding ambiguity and redundancy. It enhances vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure, allowing for more precise and sophisticated expression. Mastery of collective nouns aids in reading comprehension, as they are frequently used in various texts. Additionally, it improves writing skills, enabling individuals to create professional and concise written content. Understanding collective nouns also provides cultural knowledge and facilitates active participation in academic and professional settings. Overall, learning collective nouns plays a vital role in developing strong language skills and ensuring accurate and efficient communication.

Collectives Nouns List in English with Examples

Collectives Nouns List in English with Examples

Collective Nouns For People

  • a board of directors
  • a line of kings
  • a mob of rioters
  • a pack of thieves
  • a party of friends
  • a patrol of policemen
  • a posse of policemen
  • a staff of employees
  • a team of players
  • a regiment of soldiers
  • a dynasty of kings
  • a squad of soldiers
  • a choir of singers
  • a conference of delegates
  • a staff of officials
  • a gang of prisoners
  • a tribe of arabs
  • a host of angels
  • a crowd of people
  • a bench of magistrates
  • a band of musicians
  • a body of men
  • a bunch of crooks
  • a caravan of gypsies
  • a company of actors
  • a crew of sailors
  • a group of dancers
  • a horde of savages
  • a tribe of natives
  • a troop of scouts
  • a troupe of artistes
  • an illusion of magicians
    Collectives Nouns For People in English with Pictures

    Collectives Nouns For People in English with Pictures

Collective Nouns Examples For Things

  • a shower of rain
  • a whirl of windmills
  • a fleet of lorries
  • a palette of colors
  • a ring of keys
  • a battery of guns
  • a pack of cards
  • a network of computers
  • a library of books
  • a fleet of ships
  • a series of events
  • a glossary of words/phrases
  • a bundle of sticks
  • a cellar of wine
  • a batch of breads
  • a museum of art
  • a flight of stairs
  • a catalogue of goods
  • a sheaf of arrows
  • a babel of words
  • a pair of shoes
  • a group/chain of islands
  • a chain/range of mountains
  • an album of photographs
  • a bale of cotton
  • a book of exercises
  • a heap of sand
  • a list of names
  • a line of cars
  • a cluster of stars
  • a set of tools
  • a stack of hay
  • a gallery of pictures
  • a box of cigars
  • a clutch of eggs

Collective Nouns Examples For Animals

  • Fish: a school, shoal, run, haul or catch
  • Flamingos: a stand or flamboyance
  • Flies: a swarm, hatch or business
  • Foxes: a skulk or leash
  • Frogs: an army or a colony
  • Geese: a gaggle or flock, a skein when in flight
  • Giraffes: a tower
  • Bats: a colony, cloud or cauldron
  • Bears: a sloth or sleuth; Cubs: a litter
  • Beavers: a colony
  • Bees: a swarm
  • Boar: a sounder
  • Buffalo: a gang or obstinacy
  • Camels: a caravan
  • Caterpillars: an army
  • Cats: a clowder, glaring, pounce, nuisance or clutter
  • Cattle: a herd or drove
  • Cheetahs: a coalition
  • Chickens: a brood or peep; Chicks:
  • Clams: a bed
  • Cobras: a quiver
  • Colts: a rag
  • Cows: a kine, drove, herd or fold
  • Coyotes: a band
  • Cranes: a sedge
  • Crocodiles: a float or bask
  • Crows: a murder
  • Deer: a herd
  • Dogs: a pack or cowardice; Puppies: a litter
  • Dolphins: a pod
  • Donkeys: a drove
  • Doves: a dule
  • Ducks: a brace, paddling or team
  • Eagles: a convocation
  • Elephants: a herd or parade
  • Elk: a gang or herd
  • Emus: a mob
  • Falcons: a cast
  • Ferrets: a business or fesnyng
  • Finches: a charm
  • Antelope: a herd
  • Ants: a colony or an army
  • Apes: a shrewdness
  • Baboons: a troop
  • Badgers: a cete
  • Bass: a shoal
  • Gnats: a cloud or horde
  • Goats: a herd, tribe or trip
  • Goldfinches: a charm
  • Goldfish: a troubling
  • Gorillas: a band
  • Grasshoppers: a cloud
  • Greyhounds: a leach
  • Hares: a down or husk
  • Hawks: a cast or kettle
  • Hippopotami: a bloat or thunder
  • Hogs: a drift or parcel
  • Horses: a team or harras
  • Hounds: a pack, mute or cry
  • Hyenas: a cackle
  • Jaguars: a shadow
  • Jellyfish: a smack or brood
  • Kangaroos: a troop or mob
  • Larks: an ascension or exaltation
  • Lemurs: a conspiracy
  • Leopards: a leap
  • Lice: a flock
  • Lions: a pride
  • Locust: a plague or cloud
  • Magpies: a tiding or tittering
  • Mallards: a sord
  • Manatees: an aggregation
  • Mares: a stud
  • Martens: a richness
  • Minnows: a steam
  • Moles: a labor
  • Monkeys: a barrel, cartload or troop
  • Mules: a pack, barren or span
  • Nightingales: a watch
  • Otters: a family, romp or raft
  • Owls: a parliament
  • Oxen: a team or yoke
  • Oysters: a bed
  • Parrots: a pandemonium or company
  • Partridges: a covey
  • Peacocks: a muster or ostentation
  • Penguins: a colony
  • Pheasants: a nest, nide or bouquet
  • Pigeons: a flock or flights
  • Pigs: a drift or drove (younger pigs), or a sounder, litter or team (older pigs)
  • Ponies: a string
  • Porcupines: a prickle
  • Rabbits: a colony or warren
  • Raccoons: a gaze
  • Rats: a colony, pack, swarm or mischief
  • Rattlesnakes: a rhumba
  • Ravens: an unkindness
  • Rhinoceroses: a crash
  • Sharks: a shiver
  • Sheep: a drove or flock
  • Skunks: a stench
  • Snakes: a nest or knot
  • Sparrows: a host
  • Squirrels: a dray or scurry
  • Starlings: a murmuration
  • Stingrays: a fever
  • Storks: a mustering
  • Swans: a bevy or lamentation, a wedge when in flight
  • Tigers: an ambush or a streak
  • Toads: a knot or knab
  • Trout: a hover
  • Turkeys: a gang, posse or rafter
  • Turtles: a bale or nest
  • Vultures: a venue
  • Wasps: a pledge
  • Weasels: a colony, gang or pack
  • Whales: a pod, school or gam
  • Wolves: a pack or route
  • Wombats: a wisdom
  • Woodpeckers: a descent
  • Zebras: a zeal
Collective Nouns for Animals in English

Collective Nouns with examples for Animals in English

100 Collective Nouns in English

  1. Army
  2. Audience
  3. Band
  4. Batch
  5. Bevy
  6. Board
  7. Bunch
  8. Cast
  9. Choir
  10. Class
  11. Cluster
  12. Committee
  13. Congregation
  14. Crew
  15. Crowd
  16. Deck
  17. Flock
  18. Gang
  19. Herd
  20. Pack
  21. Panel
  22. Party
  23. Pod
  24. Squad
  25. Staff
  26. Team
  27. Tribe
  28. Troop
  29. Assembly
  30. Colony
  31. Fleet
  32. Group
  33. Horde
  34. Swarm
  35. Batch
  36. Array
  37. Battalion
  38. Clan
  39. Cloud
  40. Coven
  41. Ensemble
  42. Expanse
  43. Formation
  44. Galaxy
  45. Gaggle
  46. Garden
  47. Glee
  48. Handful
  49. Host
  50. Huddle
  51. Knot
  52. Legion
  53. Mass
  54. Mob
  55. Panel
  56. Pile
  57. Posse
  58. Quiver
  59. Rabble
  60. Set
  61. Shoal
  62. Staff
  63. Throng
  64. Troupe
  65. Array
  66. Brigade
  67. Collection
  68. Company
  69. Coterie
  70. Court
  71. Crop
  72. Division
  73. Fleet
  74. Flotilla
  75. Formation
  76. Galley
  77. Horde
  78. Manor
  79. Menagerie
  80. Outfit
  81. Parliament
  82. Picket
  83. Platoon
  84. Regiment
  85. School
  86. Shoal
  87. Suite
  88. Swarm
  89. Train
  90. Tribe
  91. Union
  92. Unit
  93. Volume
  94. Yard
  95. Zest
  96. Host
  97. Collection
  98. Congregation
  99. Consortium
  100. Conglomeration

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