Alphabet Sounds in English with Urdu Meanings

Alphabet Sounds in English and Urdu
Written by Muhammad Waqas

Learn Alphabet Sounds in English and Urdu Alphabet with Their Examples Sounds List from A to Z in Urdu For Speaking English Fluently and pronouncing all English words correctly and perfectly. Alphabet Sounds help speak words correctly therefore, it is important to learn All Alphabet sounds in English with Easy Examples for English Speaking Practice.  alphabets have so much importance in the English language. without learning the correct use of alphabet sounds you can never learn good English, therefore, if you wish to speak perfect English, so, you must learn how all sounds are produced in the English language. then your English learning will be easier for you. as you would learn actually how to create various sounds of words that will make your English more accurate. Also, Get PDF For This Important Lesson from the link below.


Alphabet Sounds in English

Aa ا۔آ۔ی۔ع Apple, Ant, Cat
Bb ب Bat, Ball, Balloon
Cc س۔ک Cat, circle, City
Dd د۔ڈ Doll, duck, dead
Ee ی۔ئ Egg, Elephant


Ff ف Flour, Fan, Fat
Gg گ۔ج Giraffe, Great, Glad
Hh ہ۔ھ۔ح Horse, Hen, Hat
Ii ع۔ی۔ا Igloo, Ice-cream, ill,
Jj ج Juice, jam, jacket


Kk ک Kite, knife, kiln
Ll ل Lock, list, lamb, laptop
Mm م Mango, melon, mike
Nn ن Notebook, nest,
Oo او۔و۔ع Owl, fool, Orange


Pp پ Parrot, prince, pat
Qq ق Quail, quack, Queen
Rr ڑ۔ر Root, Rose, Rocket
Ss س۔ص Snake, sun
Tt ت۔ٹ۔ط Table, Tomato,


Uu یو۔ا۔ع Uniform, Umbrella,
Vv و Van, Vegetable
Ww و Wolf, Water
Xx ک۔س۔ایکس X-ray, Xylophone
Yy ی۔ئ Yolk, Yak, Yank
Zz ظ۔ض۔ز۔ذ Zebra, Zoo
Alphabet Sounds in English and Urdu

Alphabet Sounds in English and Urdu

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