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7 Most Effectives Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills

7 Most Effectives Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills
Written by Muhammad Waqas

Do you remember the last time you heard someone talking and you could not understand?

Undoubtedly stunned

When someone is able to understand what the other person is trying to say that clearly means you have so much interest in the topic being discussed. Because one who has great interest in information being provided, will use his listening ability in a great manner to understand the message. Nowadays, it is becoming significant with the passage of time to communicate effectively and perfectly.

Speaking skill is a bit tough as compared to listening but after you improve your listening skill, it gets easy for you to develop speaking skill.  One who is a good listener is a good speaker.

You will be able to solve many complicated problem, resolve disputes, and more importantly you can help people improve their relationships. Being a professional, one must be able to learn effective communication skills in order to avoid making errors and further effective listening skill will also help build friendly environment and fabulous careers.


Listen, Listen And Listen!

One of the best trick that I can recommend you do is listen as much as you can do. Now the next question is what you should listen to improve your listening skill?

A lot students would like to know what can actually work best in this regard. It is quite simple to do. There are a lot of interesting and useful audios available online related to different topics. Listening to a conversation between to people in English will also help improve your listening ability. Now it is you who has to decide what topic should be selected.

Listen to anything that amuse you and you really find interesting to listen. Never listen to anything you are not interested in because you might not be able to listen to that for longer. You will lose your interest sooner. You should do this listening activity on regular basis.

7 Most Effectives Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills

Improving Your Eye Contact

When you can listen and understand well the other person is not just sufficient rather your body language has a great significance during any type of communication. You must keep your body language according to your words that you use while communication.

Similarly, listening is just not all about what others say and you understand that easily. Developing effective Listening skill requires a positive body language.

It is important to keep looking into someone’s eyes for most of the time in order to show your interest and encourage understanding the discussion. 

Demonstrate Listening Skill Through Paraphrasing

It is the best way to improve and test your listening skill ability. Paraphrasing is something that cannot be done without deep and proper understanding the particular paragraph you wish to paraphrase. Before paraphrasing you are required to pay great concentration to understanding the speaker’s point.

Paraphrasing is a tremendous communication skill which helps you understand what the other wants to say and also reveals your listening capability.

7 Most Effectives Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills

Asking Open Ended Questions

Open ended questions are generally asked by a person to get more details about a topic. You don’t only get any specific information rather you try to know every aspect of information related to that topic.

On the other hand, closed ended questions are intended to ask to get only some specific piece of information. You don’t bother to gather much details about any topic.

Asking open ended questions shows a lot of your interest and enthusiasm in listening to the speaker and collection much details. This will help you improve you improve your listening ability as you ask many questions with the intention to get much information.


Note-taking is a fantastic way to improve listening skill. This plays an important role in helping build listening ability.

In note-taking, you are supposed to note down every bit of information that is being delivered by the speaker. You need a close and deep concentration in order to note down what the speaker wants to talk about.

You can simply keep a notebook with you while listening to any someone saying important things. You can never note down everything unless you become more attentive to other. You have to listen to the speaker with fully concentration and then write down on the page laying in front of you. Note-taking requires careful attention to the speaker. It really works lot to improve listening.

7 Most Effectives Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills

Enjoy your Listening

Listening is something that works better for you when you do it in a real passionate manner. Building listening ability is not quite difficult as many students consider it in a practical life. You can have various listening opportunities in your everyday life.

Whatever you listen you must enjoy that listening. Your desire for improving listening can be fulfilled only when you find it quite amusing listening to that. If you actually desire to learn good listening skill you should feel some enjoyment and relaxation while you listen to anything.

It will give you the best result only when you keep listening something with the intention to enjoy it. You listen to music because you it gives you refreshment. Listening can be made fruitful only when you feel much enjoyment in listening to anything. You might not improve your listening skill if you listen to something you aren’t enjoying. 

Nodding When You Listen To Someone

Nodding and smiling is as important as eye contact as we normally do these gestures when talking to people.

Smiling and nodding means you want to tell the other person that you are listening to him attentively and you completely agree to listen to him more. This activity is commonly observed when communicating with people. Giving smile and nodding to something are considered positive aspects in the communication.

It gives the other person a message that you are paying close attention to his words and having more interest to continue listening to him. This is really best way to tell other person that you are totally agreed to hear from him more and this is not taken as an interrupting situation , Nodding is a positive sign that is used when you want to tell the other person that you are listening to him carefully.

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