2000 Basic Vocabulary Words For Beginners With Urdu Meaning

2000 Basic English Words For Beginners With Urdu And Hindi Meanings
Written by Muhammad Waqas

2000 Basic English Words For Beginners With Urdu and Hindi Meanings | Learn Basic English Words that are used to Practice Spoken English.  Without Words, the message can not be conveyed effectively. I have started a complete vocabulary series of 2000 words that are generally used in daily life. These words are quite basic level but they will surely be helpful to communicate well and in writing, these words will be quite sufficient to make your clear and effective. You just need to try to learn these basic words if you are just thinking to learn English which deeply requires good English vocabulary in order to speak well in daily conversation. 

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  English Vocabulary Words

Word Meaning
Rite ر سم
Mischief شرارت
Steal چوری کر نا
Tale کہا نی
Minor چھو ٹا
Below نیچے
Write لکھنا
Solve حل کرنا
Wound ز خم
Sum رقم
Thing چیز،بات
Admit تسلیم کرنا
See دیکھنا
More زیادہ
As جیسا کہ
Illicit غیرقانونی
Whole تمام
Waist کمر
Insight بصیرت
Hale تندرست
Stationary قلم دوات
Replace تبدیل کرنا
Scream چلانا
Sing گانا
Courage حوصلہ
Make بنانا
Long طویل
Her اسکا
Like پسند کرنا
So پس، اسلیے
Study مطالعہ کرنا
Sound مطالعہ کرنا
Know جاننا
Water پانی
Call بلانا، کال
Inferior حقیر
Achieve حاصل کرنا
Adapt مطابق بنانا
Bath نہانا
Complain شکایت کرنا
Memorize یاد کرنا
Abuse گالی دینا
Scold جھڑکنا
Help مدد کرنا
Brag شیخی بھگاڑنا
Acquire حاصل کرنا
Accuse الزام لگانا
Dismiss نکال دینا
Explain وضاحت کرنا
Bet شرط لگانا


Basic English Words with Urdu Meanings

Basic English Vocabulary  in Urdu


Basic English Words with Urdu Meanings

Basic English Vocabulary Words in Urdu


Basic English Words with Urdu Meanings

Basic English Vocabulary

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