2000 English Vocabulary Words With Urdu And Hindi Meanings

2000 English Vocabulary Words With Urdu And Hindi Meanings
Written by Muhammad Waqas

2000 English Vocabulary With Urdu Meanings For speaking good English in everyday life. After learning this most common word, Students will be able to speak English better. These words are generally used in daily conversations. For effective communication, you must learn these words. Learning these words would make you a good and fluent English speaker.
For Learning good English it is quite necessary to memorize sufficient words which can be used to describe different situations. These basic English words are quite significant for learning how to communicate effectively in everyday conversations. Memorizing words is not quite difficult, you only need to make it your habit to learn at least 10 words per day and then use these words in daily conversation as much as possible unless you are sure you have learned them properly. Below are the most important English Vocabulary With Urdu Meanings which are very important for every English learner for effective communication.

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100 Basic English Words

Word  Meaning
Curly-hair گھنگریالے بال
Fragrance خوشبو
Mole تِل
Animosity دشمنی
Stammerer توتلا
Condolence تعزیت
Ill-gotten حرام
Zone حلقہ
Encouragement حوصلہ افزائ
Circumstances حالات
Dominate غالب آنا
Facility سہولت
Vacation چھٹی
Thief چور
Praise تعریف کرنا
Sweat پسینہ
Broom جھاڑو
Veil حجاب
Jugular مسخرہ
Mimicry نقل
Annuity وظیفہ
Ill-tempered بد مزاج
Scold جھڑکنا
Suppose فرض  کرنا
Vomit الٹی کرنا
lack کمی
Bleb چھالہ
knowledge علم
Justice انصاف
Illustrate واضح کرنا
Heave آہ بھرنا
Efficient باصلاحیت
Fantasy مغالطہ، وہم
Gaze گھورنا، تاڑنا
Decrease کم ہونا ، کرنا
Capable اہل، قابل
Accurate ٹھیک، درست
Abandon ترک کرنا
Deceive دھوکا دینا
Bother زحمت کرنا
Mucus بلغم
Dumb گونگا
Paradise/Heaven جنت
Civilized مہذب
Scabies خارش
Progress ترقی
Comparison موازنہ
Equipment سازوسامان
Consider غور کرنا
Illiterate جاہل ان پڑھ
Misbehave بد تمیزی کرنا
Envelope لفافہ
Rapid تیز، جلد
Sufficient کافی
Disloyal بے وفا
Designation عہدہ
Solemn سنجیدہ
Incredible ناقابل یقین
Ruin تباہ کرنا
Innocent معصوم
Stubborn ضدی
Priority فوقیت
Precaution احتیاط
Futile زرخیز، فائدہ مند
Sacrifice قربانی کرنا
Disorder بے ترتیبی
Reveal ظاہر کرنا
Decorate سجانا
Trauma گہرا زخم، صدمہ
Scream چلانا
Despair مایوسی
Controversial متنازعہ
Restriction پابندی
Invisible غیر واضح
Prosecute مقدمہ چلانا
Commitment معاہدہ
Adhere چمٹ جانا
Diligent محنتی
Obstacle رُکاوٹ
Explode پھٹ جانا
Terrible خوفناک
Achievement کارنامہ
Obtain حاصل کرنا
Confession اعتراف
Hinder روکنا
Invade حملہ کرنا
Persuade ترغیب دینا
Appropriate مناسب، ٹھیک
Dispute جھگڑا
Freedom آزادی
Submissive فرماں بردار
Frugal کم خرچ
Underestimate قدر کم کرنا
Perception سمجھ
Curious متجسس
Collapsed اچانک گر جانا
Shirk کام چور
Tornado طوفان
Roam آوارہ پھرنا
Spy جاسوس

Basic English Vocabulary in Urdu

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