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How To Make a Sentence in English? Sentence Formation with Urdu Examples

How To Make a Sentence in English? Spoken English Grammar Class 2
Written by Muhammad Waqas

Learn How To Make a Sentence in English? Spoken English Grammar Class 2 for speaking English.  Sentence formation has a great significance in English grammar. as without knowing how to, we can construct simple sentences in English, we can never learn English at all. because unless we learn the basic concept of making sentences been simple ones we can actually get a real sense of what language basically is. therefore, I have explained in a very easy way how you can formate a simples sentence in English. Learn sentence formation in English with Examples for better understanding.

Parts of  a Sentence
{فقرے کے حصے}

Subject فاعل کام کرنے والے She likes cats.
Verb فعل کوئی بھی کام She likes cats.
Object مفعول جس پر کام کیا جائے She likes cats.

Word order
{الفاظ کی ترتیب}

Subject Verb Object
He Reads Book
She Drinks Milk

فقرے بنانے کا طریقہ
{ مثبت جملے}

Subject Verb Object
i Go to  school
میں جاتا ہوں سکول
He plays Cricket
وہ کھیلتا ہے کرکٹ
We Drink Tea
ہم پیتے ہیں پانی
علی لکھتا ہے خط
Ali Writes A letter

فقرے بنانے کا طریقہ
{منفی جملے}

Subject Helping verb Verb Object
I Do not Go to  school
میں نہیں جاتا ہوں سکول
He Does not play Cricket
وہ نہیں کھیلتا ہے کرکٹ
We Do not Drink Tea
ہم نہیں پیتے ہیں پانی
Ali Does not Write A letter
علی نہیں لکھتا ہے خط

فقرے بنانے کا طریقہ
{سوالیہ جملے}

Interrogative Subject Verb Object
Do i Go to  school?
کیا میں جاتا ہوں؟ سکول
Does He play Cricket?
کیا وہ کھیلتا ہے؟ کرکٹ
Do We Drink Tea?
کیا ہم پیتے ہیں؟ پانی
Does Ali Write A letter?
کیا علی لکھتا ہے؟ خط

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