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English Speaking Practice Sentences In Urdu to Speak with Kids

English Speaking Practice Sentences In Urdu to Speak with Kids
Written by Muhammad Waqas

This lesson helps learn interesting and useful English Sentences that can be used to talk with kids at home. You will learn helpful sentences that you can use to speak with your kids at home. There are many sentences that can be used in various situations to ta;k with kids. Learning English Sentences is a great activity because without knowing about English sentences it is not possible to talk in English in daily life. Parents who have a great desire to speak with their kids using English at home are recommended to learn these important English sentences which will surely help them have an effective communicative atmosphere at home.
Because using these common English speaking sentences for kids will also help their children learn a new way of talking in English and more importantly some daily use English sentences to speak English. Also, Do not forget to get PDF for this important lesson from the link below.

Sentences For Speaking with  Kids 

Don’t play in the soil. مٹی میں مت کھیلو۔
Oh, my son! Don’t be stubborn. اوہ میرے بیٹا!ضد نہیں کرو۔
Do not eat spicy things. مصالحی دار چیزیں مت کھاؤ۔
Tie your shoelaces. اپنے تسمے بند کرو۔
Don’t go out of the house alone. گھر سے باہر اکیلے مت جاو۔
Drink milk every day. ہر روز دودھ پیئو۔
Go to school on time. وقت پر سکول جاؤ۔
Don’t make a noise in the room. کمرے میں شور مت کریں۔
Respect the elders. بڑوں کی عزت کریں۔
Do not disturb your parents. اپنے والدین کو تنگ نہ کریں۔
Brush your teeth everyday ہر روز دانت صاف کریں۔
Avoid quarrels. لڑائی جھگڑے سے پرہیز کریں۔
Focus on your studies. اپنی پڑھائ پر پوری توجہ دیں۔
Treat kids in a polite manner. بچوں کیساتھ نرمی سے پیش آئیں۔
Wake up early in the morning. صبح کو جلدی اُٹھیں۔
Never skip your homework. ہوم ورک کبھی مت چھوڑیں۔
Wear neat and clean clothes. صاف ستھرے کپڑے پہنیں۔
Take off uniform after school. سکول سے آکر یونیفارم اتار دیں۔
Obey your parents. ماں باپ کا کہنا مانو۔
Check your school bag before leaving home. سکول بیگ چیک کر کے گھر سے نکلیں۔
Say a prayer before taking a meal. کھانے سے پہلے دعا پڑھیں۔
Wash your hands before taking a meal. کھانے سے پہلے ہاتھ دھو لیں۔
Don’t raise your voice in front of elders. بڑوں کے سامنے اونچا مت بولو۔
Do not bother anyone for no reason. کسی کو بلاوجہ تنگ مت کرو۔
Don’t shake hands with a stranger. کسی اجنبی سے ہاتھ مت  ملاؤ۔
Put your shoes in the closet. اپنے جوتے الماری میں رکھو۔
Who did hurt you? تمہیں کس نے چوٹ لگائی؟
Always make good friends. ہمیشہ اچھے دوست بنائیں۔
Did you tell your lesson today? کیا آج تم نے سبق سنایا؟
Don’t go outside in the dark. اندھیرے میں باہر مت نکلو۔
Don’t tell a lie. جھوٹ مت بولو۔
Stop shouting in front of me. میرے سامنے چلانا بند کرو۔
English Speaking Practice Sentences In Urdu to Speak with Kids

English Speaking Practice Sentences In Urdu to Speak with Kids

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