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List of Collocations with Examples in English

List of Collocations with Examples in English | ilmrary.com
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List of Collocations with Examples in English . Learn A complete list of Collocations that are commonly used in English for Speaking English. You will learn most common collocations that are quite helpful for spoken English. Collocations paly an important role in English as they help make our english language quite advanced.

Collocations list in English

Get Do
get permission do your hair
get the picture do some work
get started do someone a favor
get lost do something right
get fired do something wrong
get home do the dishes
get a job do your best
get a life do nothing
get divorced do harm


Have Make
have a dream make a point
have a feeling make sense
have fun make a promise
have a relationship make a profit
have a haircut make progress
have a bath make breakfast
have a look at something make the bed
have a rest make trouble
have sympathy make furniture
have lunch make a noise
have a good time make a mess


Break Catch
break a promise catch a ball
break the law catch a cold
break the rules catch a chill
break a neck catch the flu
break a glass catch one’s breath
break a record catch someone’s eye
break a leg catch a thief
break the ice catch some rays
break free catch a glimpse


Come Save
come to an agreement save someone’s life
come on time save one’s strength
come close save something to a disk
come in last save someone a seat
come into view save energy
come early save electricity
come in first save time
come late save space
come second save money


Keep Pay
Keep up the good work pay attention
keep in touch pay interest
keep track of pay a fine
keep tabs on pay a visit
keep in mind pay a compliment
keep something to yourself pay the price
keep something at bay pay someone a visit
keep someone pay wages
keep someone’s place pay by credit card
keep someone posted Pay a bill
keep up pay attention
keep your job Pay cash
keep safe Pay one’s respect


Collocations with Example Sentences

Collocation Example Sentence
Break the ice He told a joke to break the ice at the party.
Fast food Many people enjoy eating fast food on weekends.
Highly recommend I highly recommend this book; it’s a great read.
Big mistake It was a big mistake not to prepare for the exam.
Golden opportunity Meeting the CEO was a golden opportunity for her.
Red-handed They caught him red-handed stealing the cookies.
Bitter experience The accident was a bitter experience for the family.
Deep sleep After a long day, he fell into a deep sleep.
Lend a hand Can you lend a hand with moving these boxes?
Cold shoulder She gave him the cold shoulder after their argument.
Lost and found The lost and found department is in the main hall.
Cream and sugar I like my coffee with cream and sugar.
Make sense His explanation didn’t make sense to me.
Cry over spilt milk There’s no use crying over spilt milk; it’s done.
Rain or shine The event will go on, rain or shine.
Cut to the chase Let’s cut to the chase and discuss the main issue.
Save the date Save the date for the wedding on May 15th.
Down to earth Despite his success, he remains down to earth.
Time flies Time flies when you’re having fun.
Endless possibilities There are endless possibilities for this project.
Under the weather She’s feeling a bit under the weather today.
Every cloud has a silver lining Even in tough times, there’s a positive aspect.
Up in the air The travel plans are still up in the air.
Face the music It’s time to face the music and admit your mistake.
Rain cats and dogs It’s been raining cats and dogs all day.
Fingers crossed Fingers crossed that you get the job you interviewed for.
Roll with the punches In a dynamic job, you learn to roll with the punches.
Foot the bill He had to foot the bill for the expensive dinner.
Run out of time I ran out of time to finish the report.
Full of beans The kids are full of beans this morning.
Safety in numbers There’s safety in numbers when walking in the dark.
Give someone a hand Can you give me a hand with this heavy box?
See eye to eye They don’t always see eye to eye on political issues.
Hale and hearty Despite his age, he’s still hale and hearty.
Spill the beans She couldn’t keep a secret and spilled the beans.
Hit the books It’s time to hit the books and study for the exam.
Take the plunge They decided to take the plunge and start their own business.
In the nick of time He arrived in the nick of time to catch his flight.
Turn a blind eye Some people turn a blind eye to unfair practices.
Jump on the bandwagon Many companies are jumping on the AI bandwagon.
Under one roof The conference brings experts together under one roof.
Keep an eye on Can you keep an eye on my bag while I use the restroom?
Vicious circle Poverty can create a vicious circle that’s hard to escape.
Keep your fingers crossed Keep your fingers crossed for good news.
Walk on air Winning the competition made her walk on air.
Last straw The delayed train was the last straw for the commuters.
Weather the storm They had to weather the storm and continue the project.
Look on the bright side Even in tough times, look on the bright side
ff the top of your head Can you name a few movies off the top of your head?
X marks the spot According to the map, X marks the spot of the treasure.
In the long run In the long run, healthy habits benefit your well-being.
List of Collocations with Examples in English | ilmrary.com

List of Collocations with Examples in English

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