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100 Common Idioms in English with Meanings and Sentences

100 Idioms in Urdu with Meanings and Sentences

100 Idioms in Urdu with Meanings and Sentences. learn the most common English idioms with easy examples for competitive exams and spoken English. these idioms are commonly used in English writing to make it effective and attractive. You should learn these common idioms with meanings and sentences. idioms are basically advanced expressions that are used to make English writing more attractive.

English to Urdu Idioms

Cat and dog life a quarrelsome life لڑائی جھگڑے والی زندگی They both are living a cat and dog life nowadays.
Man of words doing doing what one say وعدے کا پکا Ali a great man of his words.
Storm in cup of tea having no importance چائے کی پیالی میں طوفان Our opposition is accustomed creating a storm a in cup of tea.
Apple of Eye someone important to you آنکھ کا تارا My friend is an apple of an eye.
Apple of discard the reason for mess جھگڑے کی وجہ Only the Property is the apple of discord among the whole family.
Apple pie clean and neat thing صاف ستھرا You should arrange the things in Apple pie order.
Beast of prey a wild animal شکاری درندا Lion is considered a beast of prey
Bed of roses easy life پھولوں کی سیج Life is never a bed of roses for lazy people.
Gala day happy day خوشی کا دن 14th August is a gala day for Pakistani nation.
Henpecked Husband dominated by wife جوروکا غلام Asim is clearly a henpecked husband.
Iron will determined person آہنی عزم Yes, he is really a man of iron will.
Hush money bribery رشوت She finally got good job by hush money.
Laughing stock one who creates fun ہنسی کا گول گپا He is laughing stock because of his humor.
Black sheep deceptive people کالی بھیڑیں we should be quite aware of the black sheep around us.
Big gun valuable person بڑی شخصیت if she works hard this time, she will be a big gun in future.
Bull in China shop unimportant person غیر ضروری آدمی Asim is really a bull in china shop as he has built no business yet.
Cock and bull story fiction من گھڑت کہانی He told us a cock and bull story about money stealing.
Chicken hearted a coward person بزدل آدمی they are really chicken hearted fellows.
Olive branch offering for peace امن کی پیشکش Pakistan has always offered the olive branch to India
Point Blank clearly and openly سیدھا سیدھا My proposal was rejected by him point black.
Past Master an expert man ماہر My friend Asim is considered past Master in Computer.
Rainy Day a hard time مشکل وقت i suggested him to save some amount for rainy day.
Scot Free got away cleverly صاف بچ نکلنا The thief got escaped scot free by the police.
Close fisted a miser person کنجوس His teacher is totally a close fisted man.
Cry in wilderness become useless or vein بے سود رہنا My protest for corruption went a cry in wilderness
Fool’s paradise joy due to some power احمقوں کی جنت They are still living in fools’ paradise.
Yeoman’ Service appreciable services عمدہ خدمات The Allam Iqbal has done  yeoman’s service to the nation.
Man of letters a literary person ادیب Bepsi Sidhwa was a man of letters.
Moot Point a debatable topic قابل بحث Corruption is moot point among Politian’s in Pakistan.
Nine day’s wonder something brief مختصر Life is just a nine day’s wonder for everyone is this world.
Uphill task a difficult task دشوار کام it was really an uphill task to teach manners a rude man.
Tall talk talks with exaggeration شوخیاں His tall Talk is beyond everyone’s understanding.
Slow coach someone who moves in slow manner بدھو She is lazy and a slow coach.
Broken reed a week man غیر یقینی سہارا When i needed his help, she proved to be a broken reed.
Crocodile tears showing deceptive tears مگرمچھ کے آنسو This clever man is shedding crocodile tears on his father’s death.
Fair weather friend selfish friend مطلبی دوست We should avoid trusting fair weathers’ friend.
Snake in grass someone who is harmful آستین کا سانپ All of his friends were snake in grass for him.
Bag and baggage belongings to someone بوریا بستر it would be better to leave my house bag and baggage.
Castles in air Things have no chance of taking place ہوائی قلعے You need to avoid building castles in air and work hard.
Bolt from blue anything that is totally surprising ناگہانی آفت My Friend’s death proved to be a bolt from blue.


100 Idioms in Urdu with Meanings and Sentences

100 Idioms in Urdu with Meanings and Sentences

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