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Tenses are the backbone of learning English grammar. It makes understanding English very easy, and we can’t deny its importance in speaking and writing English. It’s very important to know in which tense a person is talking so that you can understand whether the discussion is about the present, past, or future.

That’s why schools and colleges focus on tense too much. You can somehow speak English without learning tenses but writing perfect English is impossible without learning tenses. And writing is an essential part of our academic education. So, you can’t avoid tenses if you want a good score in any subject involving English.

Keeping in mind the importance of tenses, we have compiled example sentences for different tenses to make it easy for you to learn tenses. You can get the basic example sentences used daily from our example sentences for the tenses category. This category will cover present, past, and future tenses. In the same way, you can learn indefinite, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous tenses. All this will help you build a strong vocabulary for basic English speaking as well as good English writing skills. Every sentence also includes an Urdu translation, so it’s quite handy for Pakistani school children to learn from this category.

You can also practice different tenses and search for simple, negative, and interrogative sentences from this category. So, as a whole, this category is dedicated to learning tenses and how to use them in our daily life. Don’t forget to learn these sentences and practice them in your written homework or to add them to your daily discussion with your friends.

We hope you’ll enjoy practicing tenses from this category, which will surely help you build strong communication skills at a very tender age.

English Grammar Lessons are extremely helpful for english writing.

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