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Prepositions of Direction in English with Examples

Prepositions of Direction in English with Examples
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Prepositions are important elements of the English language that help us express relationships between different words in a sentence. One common type of preposition is the preposition of direction. In this blog, we will explore prepositions of direction in easy words, providing beginners with a comprehensive understanding of their usage. We will also provide 100 examples to illustrate how these prepositions work in context.

What are Prepositions of Direction?

Prepositions of direction indicate movement or direction from one place to another. They help us describe how something moves or where it is located in relation to other objects or places. These prepositions are crucial for expressing directions accurately.

Common Prepositions of Direction:

  • Into:  moving from outside to inside.
  • Out of : moving from inside to outside.
  • Through: moving from one side to the other.
  • Across: moving from one side to another, usually by crossing over.
  • Along: moving in a line next to or parallel to something.
  • Up: moving from a lower position to a higher one.
  • Down: moving from a higher position to a lower one.
  • Towards: moving in the direction of something.
  • Away from: moving in the opposite direction of something.
  • Around: moving in a circular or surrounding path.
  • Over: moving from one side to the other side, usually vertically.
  • Past: moving by and beyond something.

Examples of Prepositions of Direction:

Preposition Example Sentence
Into She walked into the room.
Out of He came out of the house.
Through The car drove through the tunnel.
Across They swam across the river.
Along I walked along the street.
Up He climbed up the stairs.
Down The ball rolled down the hill.
Towards She ran towards the finish line.
Away from They moved away from the crowd.
Around He walked around the park.
Over The plane flew over the mountains.
Past She walked past the store.
Above The kite flew above the trees.
Below The submarine went below the surface.
Toward The dog ran toward its owner.
Off She stepped off the bus.
Onto The cat jumped onto the table.
Under The book is under the bed.
Behind He hid behind the tree.
In front of The car stopped in front of the house.
Next to The park is next to the library.
Near The grocery store is near my house.
Against The ladder is leaning against the wall.
Above The picture is hanging above the couch.
Below The keys are on the table below the lamp.


Prepositions of Direction in English with Examples

Prepositions of Direction in English with Examples

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