Parts of Body Names in English with Urdu Meanings

Parts of Body Names in English with Urdu Meanings
Written by Muhammad Waqas

Hey there! Ever wondered about the different parts that make up our body? Let’s dive into the cool world of the human anatomy and chat about the parts of the body—not just in English but also in Urdu! Our bodies are like a puzzle, with each part having a unique role in making us who we are.

So, what’s the deal with the parts of the body in Urdu and English? Well, it’s like having a secret code to describe your arms, legs, eyes, and all the other bits that make you, you. In this blog post, we’re going to unpack these words and see how they match up in both languages.

Whether you’re someone keen on languages, a student curious about how our bodies work, or just interested in cool facts, this is the place for you. We’ll be taking a stroll through words that describe our bodies, making it easy to grasp and super fun to learn.

Ready to explore the fantastic world of the parts of the body? Let’s roll into the adventure of understanding ourselves a bit better by unraveling the mystery of words in both Urdu and English that paint a colorful picture of our amazing bodies!

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Body Parts Names in English
(جسم کے مختلف حصوں کے نام)

Word Meaning
Head سر
Neck گردن
Chin ٹھوڑی
Armpit بغل
Chest سینہ
Leg ٹانگ
Belly پیٹ
Waist کمر
Mouth منہ
Palate تالو
Ear کان
Jaw جبڑا
Pulse نبض
Elbow کہنی
Ankle ٹخنہ
Arm بازو
Cheek گال
Eye-brow بھوئیں
Forehead پیشانی
Heel ایڑی
Foot پاؤں
Hair بال
Intestines آنتیں
Mustache مونچھیں
Face     چہرہ
Knee گھٹنا
Lip ہونٹ
Teeth دانت
Stomach معدہ
Nail                  ناخن
Thigh   ران
Toe                  پاؤں کا انگوٹھا
Shoulder کندھا
Navel ناف
Tongue            زبان
Wrist               کلائی
Palm ہتھیلی
Thumb انگوٹھا
Lungs   پھیپھڑے
Throat گلا
  Ribs               پسلیاں
Skin      جِلد
Bones  ہڈیاں
Forefinger شہادت کی انگلی
Gums مسوڑے
Eyelash پلکیں
Ear-drum کان کا پردہ
Finger  انگلی
Nostril نتھنا
Nose    ناک
Eyelid پپوٹا
Vein نس
Kidney گردہ
Joint جوڑ
Pupil آنکھ کی پتلی
Backbone ریڑھ کی ہڈی
Beard داڑھی
Liver جگر
Sole پاؤں کا تلا
Parting مانگ
Parts of Body Names in English with Urdu Meanings

Parts of Body Names in English with Urdu Meanings

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