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Common English Phrases For Giving Opinion and Fact in Urdu

Common English Phrases For Giving Opinion and Fact in Urdu
Written by Muhammad Waqas

Many English Learners wish to learn amazing most common English Phrases for giving opinions and Describing facts. learn interesting English Phrases for effective English communication in everyday life. These most common English phrases will surely help you describe your opinion and a fact in an impressive manner. These most common phrases are generally used in daily English conversation to express opinions and to describe basic truth. learning these most common English phrases for opinion will make it easier for you to give an opinion in any matter.

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Phrases for Giving Opinion
(رائے دینے کےلیئے فقرات)


1: It seems to me that…

مجھے ایسے لگتا ہے کہ۔۔۔

Example: It seems to me that that’s what they are saying.   

2: In my opinion…

میری رائے میں۔۔

Example: In my opinion, we should attend today’s party.

3: I am of the opinion that / I take the view that.

میری یہ رائے ہے کہ۔۔۔

Example: I’m of the opinion that politicians should have principles.

4: My personal view is that..

میری  ذاتی رائے یہ ہے کہ۔۔

Example: My personal view is that we should attend the lecture.

5: In my experience...

میرے تجربے میں ۔۔

Example: In my experience, people on the Internet are looking for scores.

6: As far as I understand / can see۔۔

جہاں تک میں سمجھتا ہوں۔۔۔

Example: As far as I understand, he changed his views.

7: As I see it / From my point of view.

میرے نقطہ نظر سے۔۔۔

Example: As I see it, we now have three choices.

8: As far as I know / From what I know

جتنا مجھے پتا ہے۔۔۔

Example: As far as I know, he is coming to meet us today.

9: I might be wrong but۔۔

میں شاید غلط ہوں لیکن۔۔

Example: I might be wrong, but I doubt it.

10: If I am not mistaken …

اگر میں غلط نہیں ہو ں تو۔۔

Example: If I am not mistaken, I think you come from China.


English Phrases for Facts with Urdu Meanings

Phrases for describing facts


11: I must admit that …

مجھے تسلیم کرنا چاہیئے۔۔

Example: I must admit, I’m not very good at this sort of thing.

12: I cannot deny that …

میں جھٹلا نہیں سکتا کہ۔۔

Example: I cannot deny that there is inequality in society.

13: Personally, I think …

ذاتی طور پر، میرا یہ خیال ہے۔۔

Example: Personally, I think it’s ridiculous.

14: That is why I think …

اس لیئے میرا یہ خیال ہے۔۔

Example: He is a rich man, that is why I think he has an expensive car.

15: I am not sure/certain, but …

مجھے یقین نہیں ہے لیکن۔۔

Example: I’m not sure if my wife will understand.

16: I am not convinced that …

میں نہیں مانتا کہ۔۔

Example: I’m not convinced that Imran Khan will complete 5 years.

17: I have no opinion in this matter.

اس بارے میری کوئ رائے نہیں ہے۔

Example: I have no opinion on this matter because it is related to politics.

18: I can imagine that …

میں  یہ گمان کر سکتا ہوں کہ۔۔

Example: I can imagine that he’ll pay the loan.

19: If you ask me..

اگر آپ مجھ سے پو چھیں۔۔

Example: If you ask me, it’s just an excuse for laziness.

20: I have no doubt that.

مجھے کوئ شک نہیں ہے کہ۔۔

Example: I have no doubt that he’ll dismiss me۔

English Phrases for opinion with Urdu translation

Phrases for describing opinion


English Phrases for Facts
(حقائق بتانے کےلیئے فقرات)


21: The (main) point is that …

اصل بات یہ ہے کہ۔۔

Example: There is no doubt that he is an honest man.

22: This proves that …

اس سے یہ ثابت ہوتا ہے کہ۔۔۔

Example: This proves that Government is not producing sufficient jobs for people.

23: It is obvious that …

یہ  واضح ہے کہ۔۔۔

Example: It is obvious that the contest cannot be decided. 

24: It is certain that …

یہ  یقینی ہے کہ۔۔

Example: It is certain that the suspect committed the crime.

25: It is clear that …

یہ واضح ہے کہ۔۔

Example: It is clear that the Pakistani team is not perfuming well.

26: There is no doubt that …

کوئ شک نہیں کہ۔

Example: There is no doubt that he is an honest man.

English phrases for describing facts with urdu translation

English phrases for facts


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