List of All Linking Words With Example Sentences

A List of All Linking Words With Example Sentences
A List of All Linking Words

list of Linking words is the words used in sentences and paragraphs to connect different ideas and thoughts in the sentences and phrases. They are mainly used to establish a strong connection among various elements in the phrases and sentences. Learning a list of linking words will help you connect different ideas together in sentences and phrases. You can also find a list of linking words with an effective explanation.

The followings are the Main Purposes for using Linking Words:


Firstly Secondly Thirdly Next Last
Finally In addition Moreover Furthermore Another
Also In conclusion To summarize The following


Example Sentences

  • Firstly, I will discuss my personal matter.
  • Secondly, I will deliver my presentation on the topic of education.
  • Thirdly, I’ll help poor people.
  • Who is coming next to present the idea?
  • At last, he got success in his effort.
  • Finally, she got a good job.
  • In addition, they will apply for a Dubai visa.
  • Moreover, we visited the famous park during our trip to Lahore.
  • Furthermore, they appreciated the great effort of the students.
  • Another thing is to maintain your health.
  • She also joined a marketing team for improvement.
  • In conclusion, politics can never satisfy poor people.
  • To summarize, you are not included in the cricket team.
  • The followings are the best examples to act on.



So As a result As a consequence Therefore
Thus Consequently Hence Due to


Example Sentences

  • So, what are you thinking to do?
  • As a result, he failed the final exams.
  • As a consequence, the marriage got broken.
  • She refused to me, therefore, I left her alone.
  • Hence, the matter can be solved.
  • Due to his bad behavior, I could not talk to him further.



Undoubtedly Indeed Obviously Generally
Admittedly In fact Particular Especially
Clearly Importantly    


Example Sentences

  • She is undoubtedly a talented lady.
  • A teacher is indeed a humble person.
  • Obviously, she will attend the lecture today.
  • We generally get up early in the morning.
  • Admittedly, the cat looks really stunning.
  • In fact, the mother was extremely strict with her rude kid.
  • The meeting is very particular to me.
  • I left the job especially his proposal to accept a new job.
  • The policeman clearly refused to accept the bribery.
  • The house is very great, importantly, the garden where I exercise.



And In addition/ additionally Furthermore
Also Too As well as
Besides Apart from Moreover


Example Sentences

  • She and her family stayed in the hospital last night.
  • Additionally, we decided to start some projects with famous businessmen.
  • He prepares for the exams, furthermore, he plays games on the mobile.
  • The teacher was also present in the class.
  • She is absolutely fine too.
  • She plans to take part in the race as well as in volleyball.
  • Besides, all the guests were very rude and hot-headed.
  • Apart from my job, I am going to start a new business.
  • She speaks French moreover, she speaks English.



For Because Since
As Because of Owing to


Example Sentences

  • I am helping you for a specific purpose.
  • She quit her exam because the examiner threatened her to cancel the paper.
  • Since you came into my life, I have become so uncomfortable.
  • You are brave as a lion.
  • She got divorced because of her misconduct with his husband’s mother.
  • Owing to my studies, I am unable to support my family financially.


Giving Examples

For Example For instance That is
Such as Including Namely


Example Sentences

  • For example, the Coronavirus is causing much trouble for people.
  • For instance, the maid was very hungry and she stole food from the kitchen.
  • That is, the servant got much fame due to his honest nature.
  • A great poet gets much appreciation and popularity such as ALLAMA IQBAL
  • The manager was fired out of the job including the secretory for deception.
  • My brother purchased a lot for me namely, a mobile and a wristwatch.



 Describing Contrast

However Nevertheless Nonetheless Still
Although Though But Yet
Despite/ in spite of In contrast While Whereas
On the other hand On the contrary Unlike


Example Sentences

  • It started raining heavily, however, I managed to reach the office.
  • All education departments were closed nevertheless classes were conducted online.
  • The police nonetheless caught the big thief red-handed.
  • The dog is still barking.
  • Although she is a maid, she is very sincere in her duty.
  • Though we are Muslim we really don’t perform the real Islamic duties.
  • The cat is running but the mouse is still on the roof.
  • The boss has not yet reached the meeting.
  • Despite/ in spite of her worst financial background, she completed her studies bravely and confidently.
  • In contrast, the opposition party may accuse you of harassment.
  • She made tea while I was watching the TV.
  • Whereas if the poor lady is given money, she’ll be happier with this.
  • The business condition is very bad, on the other hand, we have nothing left to invest in it.


In Comparison

Similarly Otherwise Also Like
Just as Just like Similar to Similar as
Compare Compare to Not only… but also


Example Sentences

  • Leave me alone otherwise I’ll call the police.
  • I am also working in the same company.
  • The teacher is like a mother.
  • This wedding is just as good as mine.
  • You are just like your father in dealing with others.
  • The dog is quite similar to the dog I have in my house.
  • As compared to his previous presentation, the current one is more excellent.
  • The beggar is not only intelligent but also a hardworking man.

    To summarize

To summarize To conclude In short
In nutshell In conclusion In brief
In summary


Example Sentences

  • To summarize, corruption is the biggest evil in today’s era.
  • To conclude, parents should not permit their children to play outside at night.
  • In short, the student is not willing to continue his studies in college.
  • In nutshell, friends should be made in a very careful manner.
  • In conclusion, language is the most important part of our life for better survival.
  • In brief, Kashmir can never be conquered with faithless passion and effort.
  • In summary. A politician should not say big words which they cannot fulfill.

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