100+ Types of Glasses Vocabulary in English with Pictures

100+ Types of Glasses Name in English with Pictures
100+ Types of Glasses Name in English with Pictures

Learning about different types of glasses vocabulary is essential for beginners as it enhances your drinking experience. Each glass is designed to suit specific beverages, like wine, cocktails, or water, which affects taste and aroma. Using the right glass also shows appreciation for the drink’s culture and presentation. For instance, using a champagne flute preserves bubbles, making celebrations special. Plus, knowing glass names helps in social settings and choosing appropriate glassware. So, by grasping this basic glasses vocabulary, beginners can enjoy drinks to the fullest, impress guests, and feel confident in various dining situations. Learn Drinking Glasses Vocabulary to improve your English.

100+ Types of Glasses Name in English with Pictures
100+ Types of Glasses Name in English with Pictures

Drinking Glasses Vocabulary in English

Serial No Type of Glass Glass image
1 Wine Glass Wine Glass
2 Water Glass Water Glass
3 Champagne Flute Champagne Flute
4 Highball Glass Highball Glass
5 Martini Glass Martini Glass
6 Rocks Glass Rocks Glass
7 Pilsner Glass Pilsner Glass
8 Shot Glass Shot Glass
9 Collins Glass Collins Glass
10 Snifter Glass Snifter Glass
11 Margarita Glass Margarita Glass
12 Tumbler Glass Tumbler Glass
13 Glencairn Glass Glencairn Glass
14 Brandy Snifter Brandy Snifter
15 Flute Glass Flute Glass
16 Hurricane Glass Hurricane Glass
17 Beer Mug Beer Mug
18 Espresso Cup Espresso Cup
19 Irish Coffee Glass Irish Coffee Glass
20 Cordial Glass Cordial Glass
21 Old Fashioned Glass Old Fashioned Glass
22 Coupe Glass Coupe Glass
23 Sour Glass Sour Glass
24 Sling Glass Sling Glass
25 Tom Collins Glass Tom Collins Glass
26 Cognac Glass Cognac Glass
27 Beer Stein Beer Stein
28 Mule Mug Mule Mug
29 Tulip Glass Tulip Glass
30 Weizen Glass Weizen Glass
31 Chalice Glass Chalice Glass
32 Paloma Glass Paloma Glass
33 Grappa Glass Grappa Glass
34 Bitter’s Glass Bitter's Glass
35 Sherry Glass Sherry Glass
36 Nick and Nora Glass Nick and Nora Glass
37 Goblet Goblet
38 Footed Glass Footed Glass
39 Sampler Glass Sampler Glass
40 Coupe de Champagne Coupe de Champagne
41 Flared Shooter Glass Flared Shooter Glass
42 Poco Grande Glass Poco Grande Glass
43 Parfait Glass Parfait Glass
44 Liqueur glass Liqueur glass
45 Brandy Balloon Glass Brandy Balloon Glass
46 Demitasse Cup Demitasse Cup
47 Nosing glass Nosing glass
48 Vodka glass Vodka glass
49 Cocktail glass Cocktail glass
50 Cognac balloon glass Cognac balloon glass
51 Zombie glass Zombie glass
52 Milkshake glass Milkshake glass

List of Drinking Glasses vocabulary with Short info

  • Tumbler:
    A short and sturdy drinking glass with a flat bottom, usually used for serving beverages like water, juice, or cocktails.
  • Highball Glass:
    A tall and narrow glass typically used for serving mixed drinks with a larger amount of mixer, such as cocktails like the “Gin and Tonic.”
  • Lowball Glass:
    Also known as an old-fashioned glass, it’s a short and wide glass used for serving spirits on the rocks or cocktails with minimal mixers, like the “Old Fashioned.”
  • Wine Glass:
    A glass with a stem and a wide bowl, designed to enhance the aromas and flavors of various types of wine, including red, white, and rosé.
  • Flute:
    A slender, elongated glass with a narrow bowl, designed for serving sparkling wines like champagne and prosecco, allowing the bubbles to be preserved.
  • Snifter:
    A short-stemmed glass with a wide bottom and a narrow top, often used for serving brandy, cognac, or whiskey. The shape helps to concentrate aromas.
  • Mug:
    A large, handled glass or cup, often with a thick body, used for serving beverages like hot coffee, tea, or beer.
  • Pint Glass:
    A cylindrical glass with a slight taper towards the top, commonly used for serving beer, particularly a pint of draft beer.
  • Martini Glass:
    Also called a cocktail glass, it has a wide, shallow bowl with a long stem, used for serving classic cocktails like the martini.
  • Collins Glass: Similar to a highball glass but taller, it’s designed for serving cocktails like the “Tom Collins,” usually with more mixer.
  • Shot Glass:
    A small, thick-walled glass designed to hold a single shot of liquor, often used for serving straight spirits or small cocktails.
  • Goblet:
    A decorative glass with a stem and a wide, deep bowl, often used for serving wine, water, or speciality drinks.
  • Mason Jar:
    A glass container with a screw-on metal lid, often used as a casual drinking vessel for beverages like lemonade, iced tea, or cocktails.
  • Hurricane Glass:
    A tall, curvy glass with a fluted top, used for tropical and frozen cocktails, often garnished with fruit.
  • Pilsner Glass:
    A tall and narrow glass with a slight taper, designed for serving pilsner and other light beers. Its shape helps maintain the beer’s carbonation.
  • Chalice:
    A stemmed glass with a wide bowl, often used for serving strong ales, Belgian beers, or other flavorful brews.
  • Cordial Glass:
    A small, stemmed glass used for serving after-dinner liqueurs or cordials.
  • Water Goblet:
    A larger goblet often used for serving water at formal dinners, with a wide bowl and a stem.
  • Sake Cup:
    A small ceramic or glass cup used for drinking sake, a traditional Japanese rice wine.
  • Decanter:
    While not a glass itself, it’s a vessel used for pouring wine or other liquids, designed to aerate and separate sediment from the liquid.
  • Champagne Flute:
    A tall, narrow glass with a stem, specifically designed to highlight the effervescence and aroma of champagne and other sparkling wines.
  • Coupé Glass:
    A shallow, broad-bowled glass with a short stem, often used for serving champagne or cocktails like the classic “Martini.”
  • Cordial Glass:
    A small, stemmed glass used for serving small amounts of strong, sweet liqueurs or cordials.
  • Punch Bowl:
    A large, wide bowl often made of glass, used for serving large batches of beverages like punch at parties and gatherings.
  • Collins Glass:
    A tall, narrow glass used for cocktails like the “Tom Collins” and other mixed drinks with a larger volume of mixer.
  • Schooner Glass:
    A large, bulbous glass often used for serving beer, particularly ales and lagers, and sometimes showcasing the beer’s foam head.
  • Zombie Glass:
    A unique glass used for the “Zombie” cocktail, characterized by its tall, curvy shape and often vibrant decorations.
  • Beer Stein:
    A large, mug-like glass with a hinged lid, traditionally used for drinking beer in Germany. It often features decorative artwork.
  • Whiskey Tumbler:
    A short, sturdy glass used for serving whiskey and other spirits on the rocks or neat.
  • Rock Glass:
    Another term for a whiskey tumbler or lowball glass, used for serving spirits over ice.
  • Iced Tea Glass:
    A tall glass typically used for serving iced tea, often wider at the top than the bottom.
  • Coffee Mug:
    A larger, handled glass or cup used for serving hot coffee or other warm beverages.
  • Teacup:
    A small, delicate cup often used for drinking tea. It may or may not come with a saucer.
  • Julep Cup:
    A metal or glass cup with a handle, traditionally used for serving mint juleps and other cocktails.
  • Brandy Balloon:
    A stemmed glass with a wide bowl that narrows at the top, used for serving brandy and other fine spirits.
  • Margarita Glass:
    A wide-rimmed glass with a stem, used for serving margaritas and other frozen or shaken cocktails.
  • Cognac Glass:
    A specific type of snifter designed for serving cognac, with a wide bowl and a narrow top to concentrate aromas.
  • Growler:
    A glass or metal container used to transport draft beer from a brewery to be consumed elsewhere.
  • Jigger:
    While not a glass, a jigger is a small measuring device used by bartenders to pour precise amounts of liquor into cocktails.
  • Sippy Cup:
    A spill-proof, child-friendly cup typically made of plastic, designed to help toddlers transition from bottles to regular cups.Read Also:
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