Family Members Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings

Family Members Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings
Written by Muhammad Waqas

Learn Family Members’ names vocabulary in Urdu for English speaking practice This lesson will help you learn the list of Family Members names in Urdu for daily Use there are many family members which names are still unknown to many English learners. Here, I have explained all Names of Family Members with Urdu Meanings with which you can easily practice Your English Speaking. also Get a PDF for this lesson family members’ vocabulary in Urdu can help you talk about it better and speak English. Learning English Vocabulary will make it easy for you to practice your Spoken English using these English words. if you wish to keep these important words on your mobile you can get a PDF of this lesson from the link below.

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Family Members Vocabulary

Aunt چچی
Parent والدین
Niece بھانجی
Nephew بھانجا
Mother ماں
Brother بھائ
Uncle چچا
Son بیٹا
Father باپ
Daughter بیٹی
Sister بیٹی
Preceptor ادیب
Teacher استاد
Friend دوست
Relative رشتہ دار
Relation تعلق
Landlord زمندار
Own حقیقی
Pupil شا گرد
tenant کراۓ دار
Affection عشق
Customer گا ہک
Mistress میڈم
Lover عا شق
Guest مہمان
Client موکل
Heir وارث
Adopted daughter گودلیبیٹی
Stepbrother سوتیلابھائ
Step father سوتیلاباپ
Stepsister سوتیلی بہن
Step mother سوتیلی ماں
Step son سوتیلابیٹا
Grandmother دادی
Maternal grandmother نانی
Maternal grandfather نانا
Maternal aunt ممانی
Maternal uncle ماموں
Adopted son گودلیابیٹا


Family Members Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings

Family Members Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings

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