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6 Easy And Effective Techniques For Paraphrasing

6 Effective And Easy Techniques For Paraphrasing
Written by Muhammad Waqas

Learn Easy Techniques for Paraphrasing to be a professional writer. Paraphrasing is really an effective and valuable activity. It helps students train themselves to be able to describe things in their own words. Expressing someone else’s thoughts and ideas in your own words is a significant activity that many people have to do in their professional and educational life. The world is advancing rapidly day by day in every field of life and more importantly in the field of education through performing gigantic amazing tasks.

Easy techniques for paraphrasing can help improve writing. People nowadays are bound to express others thoughts, feelings, and ideas in their own words. How is this going to be possible?  There is always a way to get the problem solved.  Paraphrasing is the best population to help people write thoughts of others in a way that should completely look different than the original one.  Paraphrasing is basically a great ability to use one’s own mind in a sharp manner to elaborate the information which can be used for different purposes.  

It is done with great caution as using someone else original content can be a troubling thing for the person who have used. It is really  not a good job to use any specific content for one’s own purpose without bothering to make some important changes for avoiding any illegal action that might be taken against the stealer for that…

Before explaining further steps and techniques for effective paraphrasing, first of all, let me elaborate what’s paraphrasing it actually?


What is paraphrasing?
It is an ability of a person to describe information of an author using different words. In other words, restating someone else’s ideas in your own words. Your paraphrasing must show that you have used different terms and words to restate that.  The person doing this task can only get ideas from the original content of someone. Paraphrasing also means to summarize any piece of writing in one’s own words using a different way

6 Easy And Effective Techniques For Paraphrasing

Purpose behind Paraphrasing
The purpose behind paraphrasing is quite simple. It is just because you like someone else’s ideas the way those ideas have been described.  There might be another  reason for this …You actually need to write something similar to that you are not finding the reliable and correct way of describing and arranging ideas. In paraphrasing, you must be able reproduce the idea of the author but remember your language must be entirely different that the language sued in the passage of the author.

Therefore you do some research to find out who has the written best that type of information which you want. You paraphrase because you think ideas in that writing are quite useful and will be acceptable.
Note: Whatever is the purpose for this… Never use the same ideas when you want to write in your own words.  

How to Paraphrase

  • You need to read the particular passage several times to make sure you understand the text

  • Note down the main concepts and ideas

  • Start writing your own piece of information

  • Be sure to create a comparison of your writing with the original writing and try to make some necessary changes if needed

  • Don’t forget to give citations for the place you find data


 Effective Steps for Paraphrasing
These are the six effective techniques that you can apply to paraphrase in a good way. These few important steps will surely help you learn better way to paraphrase effectively without any fear of plagiarism.


Changing Sentences structure
while you start paraphrasing, it is most important technique that you must not allow yourself to keep the same sentences structure in your writing. Keeping the structure of a similar sentence would clearly mean that you haven’t made any changed while you decide to do that.

Try to completely change the sentences structure as to make your own writing look different from the original. For example: If there is active voice sentences, simply change it into passive voice…. This is how you can change sentences structures.

Use of maximum Synonyms
When you read the entire passage, you need to carefully observe how many words are there which synonyms should be used.  This estimation will help you get a clear idea to learn how many words synonyms you will have to use to create a different writing. Expressing someone else’s ideas in your own words can be at times a hard task but making few important changing make the job easier for you. You must use maximum synonyms for words to change its shape.

6 Easy And Effective Techniques For Paraphrasing


Change in Words Orders

Here is another significant technique which can be sued to paraphrase.. While you are paraphrasing, take some time to think how many words orders can possibly be changed to make it entirely different from the original writing. After this activity, you should start changing words orders. Changing the words will automatically change the meaning which is the only aim. When the meaning has been changed it has become your and undoubtedly different from the original.

Read the original text repeatedly
One of the best ever trick that I can give you is to read that passage carefully and attentively unless you are quite sure to understand the whole concept of the passage. You must be able to understand all the complications and sense of that passage in order to write it in your own words.

Remember that paraphrasing requires some time, therefore do not become too hasty to start writing it. Understanding the whole passage clearly will; make the job of paraphrasing easier for you. If you cannot understand and start writing it, this will surely trouble you a lot.

6 Easy And Effective Techniques For Paraphrasing

Split the information into different sentences
Expressing thoughts and ideas in your own words is never am easy task. But it can be made an easy job by following some techniques to complete the task. Breaking the information into various sentences will play an important role in making your information look different than the original one. All you need to is to think of separating each information given in the sentence from another information.  Playing with the number of sentences can result a good paraphrasing.

Avoid mentioning the reference
At times, giving references to your piece of writing is not necessary even not required. Similarly, when you are do not with the paraphrasing, do not bother to mention the reference to the author for the passage. Even if you know who the author is. You must avoid to use such words in the beginning like, the poet say, the poet tell that etc. There is nothing to do with the poet when you paraphrase.  

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