Drinks Vocabulary in English with Urdu Meanings

Drinks Vocabulary in English with Urdu Meanings
Written by Muhammad Waqas

Learn Drinks Vocabulary in English with Urdu Meanings for English speaking practice. This lesson helps us learn English Vocabulary for all drinks that are generally used in our daily life.  for Better English Speaking Practice, you need to learn English words for those drinks names so that you can easily practice your English. Learning English is obviously everyone’s best desire but only those who are able to learn English ineffective way who prefer to develop their language skills by learning maximum English vocabulary on which your English speaking depends entirely.

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Drinks Vocabulary in Urdu

Sittu ستو
Mixed drinks مختلف پینے والی چیزیں
Rabri dodh ربڑی دودھ
Coke پیپسی
Iced tea برف والی چائے
Drink can مشروب
Mango shake آم کا شیک
Sugarcane juice گنے کا جوس
Hard soda سخت سوڈا
Grewia juice فالسے کا جوس
Coffee قہوہ
Lemonade لیموں کا شربت
Orange Juice مالٹے کا جوس
Wine شراب
Lemon tea لیموں کی چائے
Tea چائے
Soft Drinks مشروب
Rooh Afzah روح افزاء
Flummery فالودہ
Almond water بادام کا پانی
Apple juice سیب کا جوس
Cocktails پھلوں کا مشروب
Mineral water صاف پانی
Milk دودھ
Coconut water ناریل پانی
Drinks Vocabulary in English with Urdu Meanings

Drinks Vocabulary in English with Urdu Meanings

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