Child Growth Stages Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings

Child Growth Stages Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings
Child Growth Stages Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings

Learn Vocabulary related to a child with Urdu meanings for English Speaking Practice in Daily Life. This article will help learn child-bearing vocabulary words that will describe the various levels of a child.  You can easily talk about a child by learning these English words that are used commonly to discuss a child.  These English words about a child have been well elaborated with Urdu Meanings. I hope they will be useful for you to talk about a child and describe different things related to him. These are quite common English words for kids that help learn English about a child. Learn these English basic Words that you will use to talk about things related to a child and different stages of a child using English words. also do not forget to get a pdf for this lesson.

Vocabulary Related to Child

Baby بچہ
Infant شیرخوار
Daughter بیٹی
Youngster جوان
Tyke شرارتی بچہ
Birth پیدائش
Minor کم عمر
Kid بچہ
Preschooler پڑھائی سے پہلے کی عمر
Toddler چھوٹا بچہ
Adulthood جوانی
Adolescent پوری طرح جوان
Puerility بچپن
orphan یتیم
Childish بچگانہ
Toddle چھوٹا بچہ
Immaturity نابالغی
Juvenile نوعمر
Infantile شیر خوار
Puberty بلوغت
Young جوان
Youth جوانی
Family خاندان
Parents والدین
child lore بچے کی لوری
offspring نسل
childlike بچوں کی طرح
Babysitting بچوں کی دیکھ بھال
childing بچپن
Birthchild بچے کی پیدائش
Bantling جوان بچہ
Filiation بچے کا باپ سے تعلق
Kinder garden بچوں کا سکول
Junior چھوٹا
Newborn نومولود
Nursery بچوں کی پرورش گاہ
toys کھلونے
Kids’ stuff بچوں کی چیزیں
Vocabulary Related to Child with Urdu Meanings
Vocabulary Related to Child with Urdu Meanings

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