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CAN 100 Example Sentences – Learn English

Can Use in Example Sentences - Learn English

100 Examples Using Modal Verb “Can”. Learn 100 Common English Examples with The Word ” CAN” . These are quite easy examples that are used to describe various activists done by using the words “CAN”.

Positive Sentences with “Can”


She CanTravel.


  • I can play cricket.
  • She can swim.
  • You can help him.
  • They can write a letter.
  • Ali can go to school.
  • She can teach English well.
  • She can cook a delicious meal.
  • He can make a cup of tea.
  • We can jump into the river.
  • You can run fast.
  • She can send this letter for you.
  • I can go shopping if you want.
  • We can eat meal outside today.
  • I can go to the concert.
  • I can cook really delicious food.
  • She can drive the new car.
  • I can send an email
  • You can get injured
  • She can get sick
  • I can drive car.
  • You can use my bike
  • Smoking can cause cancer.
  • I can speak five languages.
  • We can help poor people.
  • She can never come home.
  • I can ride the bike well.
  • You can enjoy the birthday party tonight..
  • We can really work hard to get success.
  • She can use MS Word skillfully.
  • I can sing a song.
  • They can dance at the party.
  • She can give me some amount.
  • I can easily pass the exams.
  • He can go to sleep now.
  • Alcohol can cause cancer.
  • The teacher can punish the rude student.
  • She can read many books in a day.
  • We can go to swim every Sunday.
  • I can spend some money on it.
  • She can oil my hair very well.
  • You can ask some questions now.
  • He can write an application to the office.
  • The doctor can give good medicines.
  • She can make dinner for us.
  • He can complete his work by tomorrow.
  • He can tell a lie.
  • I can try to speak French with you.
  • The dog can bite the baby.
  • Ali can get leave from the office.
  • He can send some important emails to me.
Can Use in Positive Example Sentences - Learn English

Can Use in Positive Example Sentences – Learn English

Negative Sentences with “Can”


She Can’tTravel.


    • We cannot travel today.
    • He can’t be serious.
    • I cannot finish it in an hour.
    • She can’t use the computer.
    • She can’t enter this zone without allowance.
    • I can’t climb trees like your brother does.
    • She cannot prepare for the admission.
    • You cannot use my driver for the party.
    • You cannot smoke here.
    • We cannot attend the wedding ceremony.
    • They can’t come to the party this weekend.
    • He can’t make video for his channel today.
    • You cannot make a noise here.
    • We can’t really go to attend the meeting.
    • I can’t study here properly.
    • They can’t go against the politics.
    • Dogs can’t bark in the street due to police.
    • The thief can’t run away.
    • The tailor cannot stitch the cloth.
    • I can’t help poor people due to my less salary.
    • My parents cannot manage to bear my expenses.
    • The scholar can’t give any hate speech.
    • She can’t read fictional novel.
    • My mother can’t walk properly due to illness.
    • You can’t learn English due to less confidence.
    • You can’t play more video games.
Use of Can in Negative Example Sentences - Learn English

Use of Can in Negative Example Sentences – Learn English


Interrogative Sentences with “Can”




  • Can you speak French?
  • Can we leave?
  • Can I run another mile?
  • Can we talk on call now?
  • Can she come to my house?
  • Can you take my English class?
  • Can I go to bazar with my friend?
  • Can we play games in the ground?
  • Can they visit my house this weakened?
  • Can you listen to my words?
  • Can he deliver the speech well?
  • Can I sit here and wait for my friends?
  • Can we travel to London by tomorrow?
  • Can you obey your parents?
  • Can she make delicious meal?
  • Can I swim in the pool?
  • Can I get my car back?
  • Can we buy a new house?
  • Can we start another project?
  • Can we go for shopping tonight?
  • Can she teach her a good lesson?
  • Can we stop them spreading hate?
  • Can I offer the charity in old home?
  • Can they get profit good profit?
  • Can we watch Television together?
  • Can Use in Interrogative Example Sentences - Learn English

    Can Use in Interrogative Example Sentences – Learn English

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