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Adverbs of Frequency Definition, Types with Examples

Adverbs of Frequency Definition, Types with Examples
Written by Kashish Zahra

Adverbs of frequency in grammar help us talk about how often we do things. They tell us if something happens a lot or just sometimes. These little words, like “always,” “sometimes,” and “never,” help us explain our habits and routines. They’re like clues that tell us how often something occurs. So, when we use Adverbs of frequency Examples in sentences, we can show if we do something all the time, hardly ever, or somewhere in between. Learning about these types of adverbs helps us talk about our daily activities clearly and simply.

Adverbs of Frequency Definition, Types with Examples in Grammar

Frequency of Adverbs Definition, Types with Examples in Grammar

Adverbs of Frequency Definition:

These are words that indicate how often an action is performed or how frequently something happens. These adverbs modify verbs and typically answer the question “How often?”, and include words like always, usually, often, sometimes, rarely, and never. They help provide more specific information about the frequency of an action or event.


  • He always arrives early to class.
  • She usually eats breakfast before going to work.
  • They often go hiking on weekends.
  • Sometimes, I forget to water the plants.
  • I rarely watch TV during the week.
  • He never misses his morning jog.

Types of Adverbs of Frequency:

  • Definite
  • Indefinite
  • Simple
  • Compound
  • Interrogative
  • Relative

Definite Frequency Adverbs:
These adverbs specify a precise frequency or interval.


  • She visits her grandparents every weekend.
  • They have a staff meeting twice a month.
  • He goes to the gym three times a week.
  • The bus arrives four times daily.
  • We celebrate her birthday once a year.

Indefinite adverbs of frequency are words that provide a general indication of how often an action occurs without specifying exact frequencies. They offer a broad sense of frequency rather than specific details.


  • Sometimes, I enjoy going for a walk in the park.
  • Often, he visits his grandparents on weekends.
  • She usually takes the bus to work.
  • They occasionally go out for dinner on Fridays.
  • We rarely see each other nowadays.

These adverbs express frequency without any additional qualifications.


  • He always arrives on time.
  • She rarely eats meat.
  • They usually go for a walk after dinner.
  • He often forgets his keys.
  • She sometimes takes a nap in the afternoon.

These adverbs combine with other words to indicate frequency.


  • We go swimming every other day.
  • He attends yoga class once in a while.
  • They have a family reunion every now and then.
  • She cleans her room once in a blue moon.
  • He goes jogging from time to time.

These adverbs are used to ask about frequency.


  • How often do you go to the dentist?
  • When does the mail arrive?
  • How frequently does he travel for work?
  • How regularly do you practice the piano?
  • How many times have you visited Paris?

These adverbs relate the frequency of one event to another.


  • He eats breakfast before he goes to work.
  • She cleans the house after she finishes her chores.
  • They study for exams while listening to music.
  • He often takes a walk when it’s sunny outside.
  • She always drinks coffee before going to bed.

Adverb of Frequency Examples:

  • She always arrives early.
  • They rarely eat out.
  • He goes twice a week.
  • We go usually on Saturdays.
  • Sarah never misses coffee.
  • He sometimes forgets.
  • They meet once a month.
  • She often visits friends.
  • He hikes occasionally.
  • We seldom see snow.

Adverb of Frequency Exercise:

  1. Sarah goes to the gym ________.
  2. How ________ do you eat fast food?
  3. They ________ go to the cinema on Saturdays.
  4. ________ do you study for your exams?
  5. I ________ drink coffee in the morning.
  6. We ________ visit our grandparents once a month.
  7. ________ Does your brother play video games?
  8. Mary ________ stays up late on weekdays.
  9. Tom ________ watches TV in the evening.
  10. How ________ do you exercise?


  1. often
  2. often
  3. usually
  4. How often
  5. rarely
  6. usually
  7. How often
  8. rarely
  9. seldom
  10. often

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