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50 Common Collectives Nouns in Urdu with Examples

50 Common Collectives Nouns in Urdu with Examples
Written by Muhammad Waqas

50 Common Collectives Nouns in Urdu with Examples ۔ Collective nouns are words that are referred to a group of people and things but they are considered as a whole.  Learn all Collective Nouns with Examples for English Speaking. You will learn the most common Collective noun examples that are used on regular basis. These collective nouns are basically used to describe different people, things, and animals.

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Basically, a noun is used to give representation of three different things. people, places, and object. For these three a noun is particularly used.  it will be more easy with explaining it with some examples…


Places People Objects
City  / شہر   Boy/ لڑکا Tomato/ ٹماٹر
London/ لندن Thief/ چور Zinger/ زنگر
Planet/ سیارہ Criminal/ مجرم Knowledge/ علم


Collective Nouns List in English

A team of players
ٹیم کے کھلاڑی
A choir of singers
گانے والوں گا گروہ
A crowd of people
لوگوں کا ہجوم
A gang of thieves
چوروں کا گروپ
A class of students
کلاس کے طالب علم
A flock of geese
بطخوں کا گروہ
A panel of experts

ماہرین کی جماعت

A pair of shoes
جوتوں کا ایک جوڑا
A troupe of dancers
ڈانسرزکا گروہ
A herd of cattle
مویشیوں کا جھنڈ
A bunch of keys
چابیوں کا جتھا
A bunch of grapes
انگوروں کا گچھا
A squad of soldiers
سپاہوں کا  گروہ
A host of men
انسانوں کا گروہ
A yoke of oxen
بیلوں کا جوڑی
A stud of horses
گھوڑوں کا  مجموعہ
A faggot of sticks
چھڑیوں کا گھٹا
 A flock of sheep
بھیڑوں کا ریوڑ
A band of musicians
موسیقاروں کا گروہ
A  wad of notes
پیسوں کی گڈی
A flock of birds
پرندوں کا جھنڈ
A groove of trees
درختوں کا جھنڈ
A pack of cards
تاش کا ایک پیکٹ
A galaxy of stars
ستاروں کی ایک کہکشاں

Collective Nouns with Examples

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