100 List of Opposite Verbs in English with Urdu Meanings

100 List of Opposite Verbs in English with Urdu Meanings
Written by Muhammad Waqas

100 List of Opposite Verbs with Urdu Meanings for English Speaking Practice. Common opposite English Verbs for Daily Use to Speak English fluently. 100 List of Opposite Verbs in English with Urdu Meanings. Opposite Verbs Meanings in Urdu. Common Opposite Verbs in English with Urdu Meanings for English Speaking Practice. Daily Use Opposite verbs that help speak English in everyday life. A basic list of opposite Verbs that will be helpful for English speaking. Learn a list of opposite verbs to improve your Speaking.

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1. Lose:ہارنا

We will lose the match.

Win:  جیتنا

We will win the match.

2. Shout: چلانا، چیخنا

Do not shout so loudly.

Whisper:سرگوشی کرنا

He whispered in my ear.

3. Float: تیرنا

We are floating in the river.


She sank into the water.

4. Borrow:  ادھار لینا

He borrowed some money.

Lend:قرض دینا

I lend him some rupees.

5. Come:آنا

Come here.


Go from here.

6. Build:تعمیر کرنا

We will build a house here.

Destroy:برباد کرنا

He destroyed our plan.

7. Put on:پہننا

Put on your shoes.

Take off:اُتارنا

Take off your hat.

8. Grow: بڑھنا

The plants are growing speedily.


This cloth will shrink soon.

9. Stop:رکنا

Please stop here.

Move:حرکت کرنا

Don’t move.

10. Exercise:ورزش کرنا

Exercise keeps a person fit.

Rest:آرام کرنا

He is resting in his room.

11. Show:دکھانا

Show me your painting.


You always hide the truth.

12. Drop:گرنا ،گرانا

He dropped my pen.


Pick up your pencil.

13. Play: کھیلنا

We are playing.

Work:کام کرنا

We are working.

14. Agree:ماننا، متفق ہونا

I agree with you.

Disagree:غیر متفق ہونا

He disagreed with me.

15. Admit:ماننا، اعتراف کرنا

I admit my mistake.

Deny:انکار کرنا

He denied having money.

16. Punish:سزا دینا

The teacher will punish you.

Reward:انعام دینا

The teacher will reward you.

17. Harvest:کاٹنا

Farmers are harvesting the crop.

Plant:کاشت کرنا

He planted many flowers here.

18. Ignore:نظر انداز کرنا

My mother ignores me.

Notice:آگاہ ہونا، نظر ڈالنا

I noticed his mistake.

19. Amuse:خوش ہونا

We were amused by the animals.

Bore:بیزار ہونا

His tricks are boring us.

20. Spend:خرچ کرنا

I spent all my money.


We are saving our pay.

21. Allow: اجازت دینا

He allowed me to attend the event.

Forbid منع کرنا

He forbade me to go there.

22. Lead:  سربراہی کرنا

You will lead the team.

Follow:پیروی کرنا

The team will follow you.

23. End:ختم ہونا

The story ends here.

Start\Begin:شروع کرنا

We will start\begin a new game.

24. Break:توڑنا

He broke the glass.


You will mend my instruments.

25. Interrupt:دخل اندازی کرنا

Don’t interrupt in my job.

Continue:جاری رکھنا

Continue your work.

26. Free\Release:آذاد کرنا

Police will release\free him soon.

Arrest:گرفتار کرنا

The police have arrested him.

27. Arrive:پہنچنا

The train will arrive soon.


We will leave the city.

28. Emigrate:وطن سے جانا،ہجرت کرنا

He emigrated from India.

Immigrate:کسی وطن میں آباد ہونا

He is immigrating to Australia.

29. Damage:نقصان دینا

He damaged my reputation.

Repair:مرمت کرنا

He is repairing the wall.

30. Attack:حملہ کرنا

Enemies attacked us.

Defend:تحفظ کرنا

Our army defends us.

31. Accept:قبول کرنا

He accepted my proposal.

Refuse:انکار کرنا

I refused to marry him.

32. Satisfy:مطمئن ہونا

I am satisfied with him.

Dissatisfy:غیر مطمئن ہونا

He is dissatisfied with my work.

33. Fall:گرنا

You will fall down.


Sunrises in the east.

34. Break:توڑنا

He broke my glass.

Fix:ٹھیک کرنا

You will fix this watch.

35. Born:پیدا ہونا

He was born in Dubai.


She died last night.

36. Sleep:سونا

He sleeps on time.

Wake up:جاگنا

They will wake up in the morning.

37. Buy:خریدنا

Will you buy my goods?


He will sell all the goods.

38. Speed up:رفتار بڑھانا

You have to speed up the car.

Slow down:رفتار کم کرنا

Let me slow down the speed here.

39. Inhale:سانس لینا

Do you inhale while smoking?

Exhale:سانس چھوڑنا

Hold your breath and exhale.

40. Support:سہارا دینا ، ساتھ دینا

He supports me in every problem.

Oppose:خلاف ہونا

She always opposes me.

41. Throw:پھینکنا

He threw my ball in the garden.


She is catching the butterflies.

42. Boil:ابالنا

She is boiling water.


Water will freeze soon.

43. Love:پیار کرنا

He loves me.

Hate:نفرت کرنا

I hate him.

44. Laugh:ہنسنا

Don’t laugh at me.

Cry:رونا، چیخنا

The baby is crying.

45. Remember:یاد رکھنا

Remember me in your prayers.


I forgot to invite her.

46. Exclude:نکالنا

I excluded his name from the list.

Include:شامل کرنا

He included me in his team.

47. Strengthen:طاقت دینا

His trust strengthens me.

Weaken:کمزور کرنا

Your lies weaken me.

48. Lock: تالا لگانا

The door is locked.

Unlock:تالا کھولنا

He unlocked the door.

49. Tie:باندھنا

Tie the bundle.


Untie the bundle.

50. Teach:پڑھانا،سکھانا

She is teaching well.


We are learning new techniques.

51. Unite:اکٹھا کرنا

The Leader will unite the team.

Separate:الگ کرنا

I can separate these sheets.

52. Give:دینا

He gave me some rupees.


I took his watch.

53. Create:بنانا، پیدا کرنا

God creates everyone.

Destroy:برباد کرنا

He destroyed my car.

54. Guide:رہنمائی کرنا

My father is guiding me very well.


He misguides his students.

55. Use:استعمال کرنا

You used my pen.

Misuse: غلط، بےجا استعمال کرنا

He misused my laptop.

56. Enter:داخل کرنا

Enter from this gate.

Exit:باہر جانا

He exited my room.

57. Get:حاصل کرنا

Go and get some milk.


He gave me permission.

58. Multiply:ضرب دینا

He multiplied the questions.

Divide:تقسیم کرنا

I divided the property.

59. Understand:سمجھنا

I am understanding everything.

Misunderstand: غلط سمجھنا

She misunderstood me.

60. Smile:مسکرانا

We are just smiling.

Frown:گھورنا، تیوری چڑھانا

He frowned at her.

61. Bind:باندھنا

Please bind fast.


He unbound the rope.

62. Speak:بولنا

Speak the truth.


Listen to me.

63. Suffer:سہنا، برداشت کرنا

He is suffering these days.

Enjoy:لطف اندوز ہونا

We are enjoying our life.

64. Import:درآمد کرنا

He imports goods.

Export:برآمد کرنا

He exports goods.

65. Qualify:اہل ہونا

He will qualify for the next round.

Disqualify:نا اہل ہونا

You will be disqualified.

66. Withdraw:نکالنا

I withdraw money from the bank.

Deposit:جمع کروانا

We deposited our money in the bank.

67. Obey:حکم ماننا

We should obey our parents.

Disobey:نافرمانی کرنا

He disobeys his parents.

68. Believe:یقین کرنا

He believes me.

Disbelieve/ Suspect:یقین نہ کرنا، شک کرنا

I disbelieve you.

69. Live:رہنا، جینا

We live in a hostel.


He died last year.

70. Widen:بڑا کرنا، پھیلانا

We are widening the discussion.

Shorten:چھوٹا ہونا

The days will shorten in December.

71. Withstand:

He can withstand in any situation.

Surrender: ہتھیار ڈالنا

The enemy surrendered in three days.

72. Add:جمع کرنا

He added some sugar to the tea.

Subtract:منفی کرنا

Subtract the questions.

73. Expand:پھیلنا

He expanded his business.


This metal contracts\compresses on heat.

74. Gather:اکٹھے ہونا

People gathered at the spot.

Separate:الگ کرنا

We will separate the girls and boys.

75. Pass:کامیاب ہونا

He will pass the exams.

Fail:ناکام ہونا

He will fail in the exams.

76. Maximize: زیادہ کرنا، بڑھانا

His aim is to maximize his income.

Minimize:کم کرنا، گھٹانا

Minimize the window screen.

77. Confuse:الجھنا

I am a little confused.

Clarify:وضاحت کرنا واضح ہونا

We clarified all the doubts.

78. Respect:عزت دینا

She respects her teachers.

Insult\Disrespect:بے عزتی کرنا

They insulted\disrespected me.

79. Bless: دعا دینا، ساتھ دینا

God will bless you.

Curse:بددعا دینا

He cursed me for killing his wife.

80. Push:دھکیلنا، دھکا لگانا

Push the door.


Pull the door.

81. Insert:ڈالنا

Insert a space between lines.

Delete:نکالنا، ختم کرنا

Delete my account.

82. Blacken:کالا کرنا

Smoke has blackened the walls.

Whiten: سفید ہونا

Her face whitened after applying this cream.

83. Sit:بیٹھنا

Sit down.

Stand:کھڑا ہونا

He is standing there.

84. Approve:منظور کرنا

She approved my application.

Disapprove:نامنظور کرنا

She disapproved of my application.

85. Find:ڈھونڈنا، پانا

You will find a new job.

Lose کھو دینا

He will lose his job.

86. Leave:چھوڑنا، چلے جانا

We will leave the city.

Stay:رُکنا، ٹھہر جانا

We will stay here.

87. Behave:سلوک، برتاؤ کرنا

He is behaving like a child.

Misbehave:بدتمیزی ، برا سلوک کرنا

He misbehaved with me.

88. Ascend:چڑھنا

She ascended the stairs.


This path descends to the river.

89. Encourage:حوصلہ افزائی کرنا

Teachers encourage the students.

Discourage:حوصلہ شکنی کرنا

His compliments discouraged me.

90. Open:کھولنا

Open the door.

Close:بند کرنا

Close\shut the door.

91. Connect:جوڑنا

He will connect the wire.

Disconnect:رابطہ توڑ دینا

I will disconnect the wire.

92. Compliment:تعریف کرنا

They compliment my red hair.

Insult:بے عزتی کرنا

He insults me daily.

93. Marry:شادی کرنا

He married a young lady.

Divorce:طلاق دینا

He divorced his wife.

94. Play\Rest: کھیلنا، آرام کرنا

He is playing\resting in the room.

Work:کام کرنا

We are working together.

95. Appear:ظاہر ہونا

Our magician will appear from the West.

Disappear:غائب ہونا

He disappeared in the fog.

96. Order:حُکم دینا

She ordered me to go there.

Request:درخواست کرنا

I am requesting you.

97. Demand:طلب کرنا

Workers are demanding more pay.

Supply:مہیا کرنا

I will supply you with food.

98. Question\Ask: پوچھنا، سوال کرنا

He asked\questioned me.

Answer:جواب دینا

I will answer you soon.

99. Like:پسند کرنا

I like him.

Dislike:ناپسند کرنا

I dislike him.

100. Increase: بڑھنا، بڑھانا

He increased the pay.

Decrease\Reduce: کم کرنا،گھٹانا

He decreased\reduced the pay.

100 List of Opposite Verbs with Urdu Meanings

100 List of Opposite Verbs with Urdu Meanings

100 List of Opposite Verbs with Urdu Meanings

100 List of Opposite Verbs with Urdu Meanings

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