100 IELTS Vocabulary Words for Band Score 9

100 IELTS Vocabulary Words for Band Score 9
100 IELTS Vocabulary Words for Band Score 9

It is really great news for all those students who are so much worried with their bad improvements and IELTS Score. Here we are helping you learn 100 IELTS Vocabulary words which will definitely work best for you to get good scores in IELTS.

learn These 100 IELTS Vocabulary words if you really wish to pass your test easily and effectively. These are the best ever words you can find to obtain good scores in IELTS.

100 IELTS Vocabulary Words For Score 9

Fabulous The weather was very fabulous in the birthday party yesterday.
Abominable The rich man showed abominable behavior towards a poor lady.
Dismal The student was completely dismal on his unexpected failure in the exams.
Exquisite The birthday cake was really exquisite except the environment of hall.  
Commence The meeting was commenced on time.
Enormous He saw an enormous snake in the garden and stopped walking there.
Rapture The man listed to the news of his success in the interview with a rapture on his face.
Tranquil The patient started feeling tranquil after taking some proper medications.
Approach It is not possible to approach the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
Frosty The weather is frosty today, therefore, we cannot go outside. 
Chop The maid was ordered by her owner to chop up the vegetables. 
Precarious No precarious steps were taken to maintain the credibility of his company.
Determine PK soldiers is fully determined to fight strongly against India.
Delectable We visited a famous restaurant and enjoyed a delectable meal over there.
Portray She was portrayed as a pure women in the film.
Demolish The government finally decided to demolish houses built illegally in the town.
Dissimilarity There is a great dissimilarity between humans and animals. 
Monotonous All students get bored with monotonous talks of their teacher In the class.
Elaborate Could you please elaborate on your statements given on the topic of freedom?
Descend The performer was praised by a large audience after the curtain was descended on the stage. 
Eminent An eminent person named Asim gave charity to all poor and needy people.
Rapid The presentation was delivered in a rapid manner.
Corpulent The corpulent boy was unable to walk properly during the exercise.
Humorous They enjoy a humorous attitude of their professor during the lecture.  
Procure She eventually procured a well-standard position in the company due to handwork.
Gracious The tourists were really impressed with the gracious hospitality of people.
Considerable The fire can cause a considerable damage to the mosque. 
Ecstatic My friend was ecstatic to get married with his favorite girl.
Despise Being a Muslim, we should not despise our Muslim brothers.
Possess Ali possesses a beautiful car which he recently bought from Dubai.
Assist She is quite willing to assist you in completion of your final year project.
Conceal The suspect tried hard to conceal all the facts about theft but he could not do so.
Notion Everyone has their own notion to
Vital A domicile is a vital record to get admission in any university of Pakistan.
Captivating The man really lost his heart after seeing a captivating beauty of a lady.
Diminutive The athlete is not eligible to apply for the games due to his diminutive figure.
Peek The teacher peeked out the window who was making noise outside.
Adore I completely adore aged people.
Produce My boss ordered me to produce a final report on the previous meeting.
Plod Asim was not able to keep her balance as he was trying to plod through the mud.
Tidy The kitchen was very clean and tidy.
Unique She collected a huge amount to buy a unique wristwatch on his birthday.
Primitive The guest refused to stay in the primitive room of a hotel  because there was not availability of AC.
Procedure You must learn the complete procedure to apply for the marketing job.
Demonstrate You need to demonstrate the teacher that you have the ability to do questioning.  
Divulge Anchors will never divulge their sources of collecting news about current affairs.
Utilize No medicines should be utilized without proper consultancy of a good physician.
Erroneous Rejection is possible when you will give an erroneous impression to your parents.
Respond She asked her boss a question but he did not respond to her.
Exasperate Secretary’s ignoring behavior is exasperating her boss.
Indignant The student got much indignant because he was treated badly by his teacher.
Intrepid You will be able to succeed in every feed, if you can become intrepid to face every situation.
Vivid People these days prefer to have vivid imagination regarding their life.
Yell Why are you yelling at your servant like this?
Accomplish The boss directed me to accomplish my project within 10 days only.
Fervent As a true Pakistan, we must be fervent supports of our Army
Terminate The employee was terminated from his job for showing much negligence.
Plunge The bus got completely out of control and plunged straight into the valley.
Spurious The politician always make spurious to win the support of people.
Apprehension Most of the candidates feel apprehension before entering the interview room.
Hover The man sitting in the room suddenly heard the voice of a helicopter hovering over his house.
Outrageous His outrageous nature will put him in a deep trouble one day.  
Afflict Lots of people were afflicted during the battle.
Essential It is quite important to take some essential steps for quick recovery in health.
Abolish The law of giving money to the poor and needy pipes has been abolished by the current government.
Indolent The boy is so indolent that does not bother to listen to their parents’ advice regarding his studies.
Roguish The actor clearly refused to do a roguish role in the upcoming movie.
Sullen The sullen student rejected the offer of getting 10 extra marks in the exams.
Contrivance Their wedding completely depends on so many ridiculous contrivances.
Accurate She requested him to give an accurate answer of her proposal.
Repugnant This would be totally a repugnant plan to cheat in the final exams.
Melancholy Nothing can be more melancholy than the laughter of a man at his mother’s funeral.
Muddle I ordered the maid to bring all the important document but they were found in a muddle.
Peculiar I found a very peculiar situation in the doctor’s cabin and returned to my house immediately.
Adamant I asked my friend so many times not to call me at night but he’s so adamant to accept my request.
Assertive You will get this job easily, you just need to be quite assertive.
Pervert The teacher was charged with heavy fine for perverting his students.
Incongruous The decision for hiring a female worker for marketing position seems quite incongruous.
Defy It is very rare to see that children are openly defying their own parents.
Foe It will be a pleasing situation for government foes to see them in difficulties.
Diffident A successful person should never be diffident about his achievements.
Immaculate The judge declared the thief immaculate on the final hearing.
Finally, people vociferated their demands to the government.
Abrogate The meeting was abrogated by the boss due to the downfall of the company.
Segregate There must be a proper rule to segregate clients’ money from the bank’s own cash.
Flabbergasted She got flabbergasted to see her unexpected result in the NTS test.
Benign The teacher is my class is very benign to all the students.
Lacerate His face was badly lacerated in the accident.
Maim Thousand of people have been maimed in the bomb attacks till now. 
Mingle The enthusiasm of starting a new job always mingled with a specific fear.
Rebuff The mother rebuffed all the suggestions for her daughter’s early marriage.
Efface The name of the owner has been effaced from his house.  
Tortuous The passenger clearly refused to travel through a tortuous road.
Alacrity All the judges were quite amazes to see the alacrity of a player in the game.
Amiable Due to his amiable mood, they soon reached the final decision.  
Cajole The husband finally got success cajoling his wife into leaving her job.
Decry Many religious parties have been forced to decry the vulgar cartoons about (PBUH)
Embezzle An employee was fired out of his job for embezzling the company’s cash.
Furtive The maid stolen a piece of bread in furtive manner, when the owner of the house was not there.
Inept Even sensible people are always criticized by for inept way of handling a specific situation.
Insatiable All politicians have only insatiable hunger to gain power. 
100 IELTS Vocabulary Words for Band Score 9
100 IELTS Vocabulary Words

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